Monday, June 25, 2012

Zoobies in training

Talk about nastalgia.  The kids were good sports to listen to all of our reminiscing until Jayden finally declared enough with the memories.  They didn't complain too much though when Jason opened his wallet at the BYU bookstore.  Normally Jason prides himself on being a conservative spender, but stick a Y logo on something and price is no longer an option...t-shirts, hats, footballs, books and a minimum of 3 bags of chocolate covered cinnamon bears.  I thought the marriage of mayo and ketchup was a beautiful thing, but mixing chocolate with cinnamon bears is an outright sin.  It really is such a beautiful campus, so many countless memories and good times on those hallowed grounds.  Here's hoping their minority status helps my own kids get in some day!

The mammoth hill by the library.  Me? I prefer keeping me cinnamon bears inside my stomach, thank you very much.

Jason's sister and her kids were able to join us for the historical revisitation of the Bean Museam.  For almost a good solid year I cleaned the Bean (Jason gets a kick out of that phrase) and enjoyed such VIP perks as ignoring the Do Not Touch signs and earning enough to keep my freezer stocked with frozen bean burritos. 

This is the place where Jason proposed to me.  It is the first place where we started talking about a future together.  It was late one night (borderline early morning) we had been out that night and weren't ready to say goodnight, so we sat on this hill outside my dorm and just talked for hours and somehow that night the conversation turned to marriage and the idea of us getting married.  To eachother. He proposed to me on April 20, 1999.  I remember the date because it was the same day as the Columbine shooting.  We watched the news footage from a wall mounted tv in a tire shop as rain poured down. It was one of those moments where the future seemed depressing and bleak.  Then, later that evening Jason took me to this spot, pulled out a ring and a set of scriptures with the name "Jamie Ann Young" inscribed on it, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  The world seemed right again and I knew our future was as bright as the sun.  It was very fitting to be back here around the same time as our anniversary, and I loved seeing our kids running around this very spot.  Who knows, maybe they were there that same evening thirteen years ago too.

What could be better than BYU Creamery ice-cream?  Eating BYU Creamery ice-cream with cousins of course! 

Jayden has an obsessive compulsive disorder for doing bunny ears in every. single. picture.  I try my best to sensor it, but he snuck this one right by me.

Good old Whitney hall.  Your cinderblock walls and yellow tiled showers treated me well.

Our first love nest.  Our apartment was #14, the one with the missing "No Soliciting" sign.  Jason put us through school by selling cell phones door to door (funny to think of the day when everyone and their 8 year old kids didn't own a cell phone), so as a tribute to all door to door salesmen, he ripped the sign off and the legacy still remains to this day.

This is the apartment that I lived in the summer after I graduated high school before moving into the dorms that fall.  My roommate served in the same mission that Jason did and he and his friends came over to visit her one day and the rest is history. 


Chris and Sally said...

Loved those blue apartments. We do the exact same thing every year, go to campus, drive by the old apartment, bore our kids to death, Good memories.

Chelsea said...

such good memories! How fun to relive it with your FOUR kids! Awesome stuff right here. Love this post. As always.

Janessa said...

Oh Jamie, my heart is aching to go to Provo! Thanks for sharing the pics. What a fun trip down memory lane. That's awesome that you took time to show the kids and take pictures of all these meaningful places. What a great record of your beginnings.