Tuesday, June 05, 2012

If I were a little boy, this would be a dream come true

When I was younger I had this fantasy of being locked in the mall after it closed and having the whole place to myself to run around and explore.  Even a Wal-mart after hours would do.  So I got so excited when Jason had the opportunity with his work to sleep over at Chase field.  When he called to tell me about it I envisioned the two of us hiding out in the locker room and sneaking midnight snacks from the pretzel cart.  He just laughed when I thought he was inviting me.  I guess it did make more sense that he would want to take Jayden.  They didn't cause any mischeif, but Jayden loved every minute of it.  Eating Fatburger while watching the game on the big screen, playing catch on the "real" field, watching the Sandlot on the megatron, swimming in the pool (which they didn't end up doing because it got too late), midnight Coldstone snack, sleeping out on the field, running the bases in the morning and Subway breakfast.  Minus the snoring old man next to them, they had an awesome time.  I asked Jayden what his favorite part was, and it was playing catch with his dad.  Yep, playing catch at midnight on a major leage field is pretty top notch in my book.  As a bonus, dad didn't even make him put on his pj's or change his clothes in the morning.


Janessa said...

I've been so excited for this post! What an awesome experience. It looks like they had a great time! This will definitely go down as one of the "top ten cool things I did as a kid" in Jayden's book.

Chelsea said...

SO awesome! What a special memory. Gotta love those work perks, holy moly!