Saturday, June 30, 2012

The last leg

Just blogging about this trip is making me exhausted.  Jason had to work in Vegas the following week so we decided to add one more leg to our journey.  We know that all you can do in heat like this is swim or hibernate and we did just that.  We were able to visit a few friends and spent lots of time with cousins and other family.  It was cool to be able to see every immediate family member on both sides during this trip (minus my missionary sister).  We met up with a friend at the Town Square splash pad and it was fun getting caught up while the kids cooled off.

And we spent ALOT of time in the hotel room watching tv while Ryder napped.  Give this boy a dark room and he sleeps like it's going out of style.  He took a record breaking 5hr nap and I tried not to feel too guilty that they watched 5 straight hours of TV. Jayden decided he wants to be a Gator boy when he grows up and Kylie made us promise to never move to Florida.  Thank you Animal Planet.  I'll admit it was nice to finally have some down time after going non stop the past week and a half.

Maddox didn't have the attention span to watch tv for that long (don't worry, we're working on that) so he built a lot of "secret lairs" and tried his best to trap Jayden in his room.  He was devastated when he realized the door opened inward and his plan had been foiled.

Swimming in the hotel pool.  It was 100+ degrees but they preferred swimming in the hot tub because the pool was too cold. Pool snobs.

Once again, Ryder loved Grandpa and Grandpa loved being the object of his affection (although it looks like he's about to cry in this picture, he really didn't want to leave his side).

Card games with Jessica.  We're excited for her new adventures at grad school and are looking forward to another excuse to visit San Diego!

Kylie and Jayden had a sleepover with their cousins and aunt Jessica hung out with them too.  I found these on Jason's phone.  Every girl needs a fun cool aunt to look up to and Kylie just adores aunt Jessica.

Swimming with  cousins.  Once again, I loved seeing all of the cousin bonding on this trip, so grateful to have so many cousins their age and I hope they always stay close.  It was fun for me to hang out with my SIL too, so a win-win for everyone involved.

Their 5 hr tv stint proved to be very educational.  Jayden learned that the ladies prefer a man with a tan so he informed me that he needed to work on his tan.  I drew the line when he asked if I could bleach his hair for the sake of the ladies.  Thank you Big Time Rush.

The time had come and we were ready.  Jason was at work so I was in charge of packing the car. Never a good idea. It was a tight squeeze and a miserable 5 hour drive, but I would do it again in a heartbeat if it meant that we could do this same trip again!


Chelsea said...

hahaha--that ride home looks awful! but you sure packed a lot in and it was worth it for sure. I always wondered how you guys travel with four kids and where you put all that stuff! Poor Kylie, she looks miserable back there laying on the suitcase. I bet Jason "fires" you from packing the car again, well played.

Janessa said...

Man, you guys sure made the rounds with all the family this summer. SO fun for you and so fun for your kiddos to see so many cousins. Good summer indeed. Love the packed car pictures!