Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm Jolley and I know it

For my blog book and postertity sake:

front row right to left: Connor Cazier, Parker C, Kambry C, Jayden Young, Maddox Y, Kylie Y, Shannon Jolley (Tyler's daughter), Alyssa Jolley (Troy's daughter), Brenton J (Troy's son)
Second row: Abby C, Taylor C, Jessica, Janette (mom), Terry (dad), Jayci
Third & 4th row: Cannon C, Janessa (her husband Ricky flew up later in the week), Ryder Young, Jason, Jamie, Dustin Jolley (Tyler's son), Tyler, Margaret (Tyler's wife), Troy, Sam (Troy's wife), Tyson, Dawn (Tyson's wife), John Jolley (Tyson's son), Dallas Caggiano (Jennifer's son), Jennifer, Dylan (Jennifer's husband), Todd and a picture of Julene :) Whew! That is quite a crowd!

Siblings: Janessa, Jamie, Tyler, Troy, Tyson, Jennifer, Julene (picture), Jessica, Todd and Jayci

We packed up a weeks worth of Gripz and capri suns along with every Disney movie we owned circa 2004 and headed up to Utah, my favorite summer destination.  All ten of us Jolley kids and families were going to be together for the first time in years (I'm saying all ten, even though my sister Julene is on a mission in Russia and wasn't technically there in person, but she was there in heart and we all missed her terribly).  If our past week with 10 kids was considered a happy chaos, then I guess our next week with 17 kids running around would be considered a happy chaos to the exponential power of ten.  It is going to take me the entire rest of the summer to blog about our trip, so while I'm sitting here in a hotel room in Vegas with a sleeping baby, I decided I better get a head start. 

Janessa was so nice to offer to take Kylie and Jayden with her.  As a last minute executive decision we took Parker and Jayden with us so I didn't feel so guilty.  They took a few detours along the way, here are a couple of pictures from her.  We took the boring let's-get-there-as-fast-as-we-can route.

and thus our Utah journey begins...

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Janessa said...

I'm so glad Kylie got to ride with us! I only wish you would have let me take ALL of them:) Maybe you know my limits better then I do. I just love your kiddos so much and want to spend every possible minute with them.