Sunday, September 25, 2011

BYU and bust a move

Despite getting spanked by the U of U, Jason was still excited to initiate Jayden into the world of BYU football.  There's no better way to do that then belting out "Rise and Shout" under the stars on a crisp fall night, seated in a sea of blue on the hallowed grounds of the Lavelle Edwards stadium. Being there with his grandpa, uncles and cousins made it even better and I have a feeling this will be a weekend Jayden will remember for a very long time. 

You can definately tell these cute boys are cousins!  Man how I miss being close to family, he had the best time playing with these boys.

I love this picture of him cheering because I'm pretty certain he had no idea what he was cheering for.  Jason tried his best to explain the rules of the game but he never failed to get excited every time there was a kick off because he thought it was a touch down.

I guess they helped themselves to a tour of the field house and this is Brandon Doman's office.  I'm pretty sure they weren't supposed to be there and they just snuck in, but I'm not asking any questions.

Bridal Veil falls.  I miss Utah.  I miss wearing a jacket in September.

(I love that he had his shirt on backwards the entire day and neither he or Jason realized it)
They took a day trip to Park City before their evening flight and had fun doing the Alpine slide and coaster.  It's a good thing I wasn't there, I would have dragged them to the outlets too.  I loved hearing Jayden tell me all about his weekend, and I know Jason's looking forward to this becoming a new tradition.  That is if BYU can redeem themselves.

We couldn't let the boys have all the fun, though.  Our ward had a talent show and Kylie and her friends have been working hard to perfect their dance.  They were so cute and took it all very serious, picking the song, the choreography, the outfits and weekly mandatory practices.  Here they are prepping for the big production and I loved being a fly on the wall listening to their chatter and giggles.

Kylie is right in her element on the stage.  She is so shy in so many situations but shines in front of a crowd.  I can't help but be a proud mom when I watch her do her thing. (

I love these girls and am grateful for such good friends!

We ended the night watching "Prom" on the laptop under the covers in my bed and eating atleast one box of candy each.  It was a win-win weekend for everybody!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


tomorrow I will not go hoarse from yelling at the kids.
tomorrow I will spend more time actually playing with my kids than on the computer only planning things to play with them.
tomorrow I will spend more time making memories than on the computer writing about them.
tomorrow I will find it more endearing than annoying when Maddox wants to help me with everything.
tomorrow I will listen.
tomorrow I will actually talk to Jason in the evening instead of just coexisting on seperate couches both absorbed in our own computer screens.
tomorrow I will take Maddox to the park instead of letting him watch 5 episodes of Bob the Builder in a row.
tomorrow I will remember family scripture time in the midst of the bedtime chaos.
tomorrow I will play Monopoly Jr. with Jayden instead of letting him play Mario Karts all afternoon.
tomorrow I will not feed my kids chicken nuggets and Oreos while I eat whole grains and fresh veggies.
tomorrow I will eat as many Oreos as I want and stop obsessing over the scale.
tomorrow I will smile and maybe even laugh more.
tomorrow I will hold Ryder when I feed him instead of always propping the bottle up with a blanket in his bouncy chair.
tomorrow I will paint nails with Kylie and watch the dance she has been wanting to show me.

thankgoodness for tomorrows and fresh starts, because after today heaven knows I need it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life is better on the lake

Hands down, best FHE.  We love going to the lake with friends, but were itching to have an outing with just our family, and an empty lake on a beautiful evening was just what we needed.  Without the distraction of friends, sports, TV, wii, computer, legos, dance and homework, Kylie and Jayden discovered that they are still best friends after all. I loved seeing them laughing and talking together.  I wanted to bottle it up.  I wanted to bottle up the whole evening.  The Beastie Boys robot dance party, riding the tube with Kylie, the two babies rocked to sleep by the waves, Jayden's totally rad hair when he goes on the tubes, the picnic on the beach, the kids going on a nature walk and then being informed by a passing boater that the area was infested with skunks (apparently the rustling in the bushes weren't birds after all), Jason swimming after the boat since I was too busy analyzing pictures of me in a swimsuit (I was tan for all of one week this summer) and didn't notice it floating away and a beautiful sunset reflecting on the water.  I'll leave out the fighting on the way home and the groundings and skip to them deciding to be buddies again. Snuggled up on a chair with their feet propped up by an open window, doing their homework and discussing the scientific evidence that wearing 3D glasses with the frames popped out really do make you smarter.  Yep, definately a bottled up worthy evening. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

55 minutes after bedtime on a school night and I walk by and see this.  You think I would care, but not this time, nope not one single bit.  Carry on boys.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

This week's happys

watching these two play together

The holy shrine Kylie made for Jayden to ward off bad dreams

watching BYU's opening game with friends

Maddox the "cheetoh"

A visit from Jason's cousin and her cute family, and their generous "lucky money packet" gift to the kids

This little monkey celebrating the three month mark


a spontaneous date night
Jayden deciding he wants to be the next "Naked Cowboy" when he grows up
GNO movie night with friends
minority break the fast dinner
Star Student lunch with Jayden
Labor day bbq and swimming with friends
family outing to see "Mr. Poppin's Penguins"-so cute
start of another soccer season
a new unhealthy addiction to "pinterest"

another good week gone by.