Thursday, August 02, 2018

Scottsdale Birthday Weekend

I wanted to do something special for Kylie's sweet sixteen so we decided to do a girl's weekend in Scottsdale with a few friends and it was so much fun! We ate, shopped, swam, took lots of pictures and made some great memories. Scottsdale has a hipster meets western vibe and their food scene is on point. We ate our way through the town hitting Diego Pops, Super Chunk and the Sugar Bowl. We stayed at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort where they upgraded us to a villa. Which meant we had our own little patio to eat our pizza dinner on and it also meant that I didn't have to sleep on the floor. They had fun swimming until the sleazy older guy started hitting on them. They kept getting cat calls all weekend long when they were walking around, it was a good thing I was there to keep those boys away! I just loved hearing them giggle all night long and am grateful for the great friends she has made this year. Happy Sweet 16 Kylie!

They decided they need to start a band and this should be their cover

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

May Little Things

May started out with the Father's and Son's campout. I still need to get pictures off Jason's phone of the actual campout, but they did bring the boat up and Jayden figured out how to hit the wake just right to launch into some pretty big air. It was a proud moment for Jason, as you can imagine.

Our friend Jennie turned 40 so Melissa and I surprised her with indoor skydiving. I won't lie I was pretty nervous, like sweaty armpits nervous. It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought, the hardest part was just being closed into the glass cylinder with everyone while we took turns. The door locked from the outside and I felt so claustrophobic, but besides that it was a cool experience and I loved stepping outside my comfort zone! We grabbed dinner afterwards and loved catching up with these great friends.

Maddox researched Galileo for his bottle person project. We had fun making it together and he enjoyed learning more about him.

We had end of the year assemblies and awards. Super proud of Jayden for receiving the Principal's Award for having straight A's all year. In fact he has had straight A's for the past 3 years, love his hard work and dedication.

My favorite day of the year came, Mother's Day. Love the sweet homemade cards and gifts, Maddox made me a modge podge candle and Ryder decorated a ceramic tile with a picture of us. Kylie picked out the sweetest necklace with two circles linked together and a sweet note card about being linked together. I wear it every day. And Jayden forgot to do anything, but I got a hug and for a 13 year old boy that's probably about all I can ask for. Jason was disappointed that the bishopric wasn't doing cinnamon rolls for the RS so he stayed up until 1:00 in the morning to make sure I had my homemade Mother's Day cinnamon rolls, it was the most romantic and thoughtful gesture. So grateful for this family of mine, I'm the luckiest mom.

One of my sweet laurels, Brinley, is going on a mission to Florida and I was grateful for the chance to to go through the temple with her. Love getting to know these girls as I serve in YW, they are such amazing girls and a blessing in my life.

I love these leaders that I get to serve with so much as well!

Kylie and Kennedy held a month long dance camp to earn money for girls camp and had a little performance at the end. It was so cute and they did such a great job, loved eavesdropping on their Saturday classes, Kylie makes the cutest teacher!

The kids had water day at school. Actually it was more of "water hour", but they sure had fun! Grateful for the wonderful friends, teachers and experiences they've had this year.

And then came the last day of school! I was able to go and help out with Maddox and Ryder's class parties, which 25 kids loaded up with sugar on any given day is crazy town, but having 25 kids loaded up on sugar on the last day of school and it is just a mad house! Love the energy and excitement in the air, it brings back memories from my own last days of school. That feeling of freedom and the promise of summer adventures and good things to come.

The boys and I celebrated with Bahama Bucks. Kylie and Jayden celebrated with friends, sadly we don't seem to see much of them these days. Here's to the end of a great school year and the beginning of another awesome summer!