Friday, November 12, 2010

Rockstars for a day

When my friend called to see if Kylie would be interested in helping out with a song at her Dad's recording studio with some other friends, I knew she would be over the moon about an opportunity like this.  Boy was I right, I don't think I've seen her that excited about something since she was 3 years old and met the Disney princesses for the first time.  For the past few months she has been staying up late at night writing songs, hoping to become the next Taylor Swift and she was determined that this would be her big break.  It's tough walking a fine line of trying to being excited and encouraging without giving her false hope! I have to confess that I was a little star struck knowing that the likes of Alicia Keyes, Sheryl Crow, Lil Wayne and the Jonas Bro's (just to name drop a few) recorded in that exact same booth too. When we got there they were all so nervous and were barely singing louder than an audible whisper.  Once they got into the recording booth it was a whole new story, their confidence and attitude level spiked (on the verge of obnoxiousness) and they strutted around like they were the Black Eyed Peas. They were clueless that we could hear everything they were saying in the booth and it was very entertaining.  The song was actually really catchy, I had it in my head for the rest of the day. After 2 attempts and almost 2 hours, the video clip wouldn't post, but it's on my facebook for those who are dying to hear Kylie's 15 minutes of fame. Thanks Chels for making Kylie's dreams come true :) Of course now she keeps asking when she can go back to record her own songs....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

All good things must come to an end

Sometimes the action on the sidelines is just as fun to watch as the action on the field (besides, after awhile all the soccer pictures start looking the same).

(the cheerleaders, in case you couldn't tell :)
The kids had a great season, Kylie continued to run her little heart out and made a surprisingly good goalie. Of course she hated doing it because there's so much pressure, but she did a great job. Jayden still managed to score atleast one goal every game, it's a combination of his competitive nature and obvious size/age advantage that made for a great season for him. His big competitor was "X", the coach's son who was Pele reincarnated (with a name like "X", you know he's got to be good-it's really Xavier, but what a great/odd nickname). Kylie was sad to miss her last game because she had the stomach flu all weekend. She did make it to the end of season party and although I am ready to have my weekdays and weekends no longer dominated by soccer, it was sad to see it come to an end too. We lucked out to have a team of 14 girls that were all friends and already knew eachother and our friend who was willing to coach them all. Jayden's party is in a couple of weeks and all he can talk about is the trophy he will get to add to his collection. Here's to another great soccer season come and gone!