Thursday, November 11, 2010

All good things must come to an end

Sometimes the action on the sidelines is just as fun to watch as the action on the field (besides, after awhile all the soccer pictures start looking the same).

(the cheerleaders, in case you couldn't tell :)
The kids had a great season, Kylie continued to run her little heart out and made a surprisingly good goalie. Of course she hated doing it because there's so much pressure, but she did a great job. Jayden still managed to score atleast one goal every game, it's a combination of his competitive nature and obvious size/age advantage that made for a great season for him. His big competitor was "X", the coach's son who was Pele reincarnated (with a name like "X", you know he's got to be good-it's really Xavier, but what a great/odd nickname). Kylie was sad to miss her last game because she had the stomach flu all weekend. She did make it to the end of season party and although I am ready to have my weekdays and weekends no longer dominated by soccer, it was sad to see it come to an end too. We lucked out to have a team of 14 girls that were all friends and already knew eachother and our friend who was willing to coach them all. Jayden's party is in a couple of weeks and all he can talk about is the trophy he will get to add to his collection. Here's to another great soccer season come and gone!


Janessa said...

How fun! I'm impressed with your kiddos and their athletic talent. I love the sideline pictures. What fun memories for Kylie to look back on. That little girl in the background of the first picture looks so sad but in such a cute way. What a nice little addition to the shot:) The cheerleading pictures are great too. You can tell Kylie is having a blast!

Jodee said...

i totally agree with the love hate relationship with soccer. They look like they are having a blast though. Must be fun having a kid named X on the team, that's hard core!

Chelsea said...

sooo glad its over. and crap, don't think I took one picture.