Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I love the chance to explore some place new, especially when it's in our own back yard. We decided to take the kids to Colorado for a little snowboarding during spring break. Our 7 1/2 hour drive turned into a 10+ hour road trip as we stopped to explore along the way. I won't lie, the kids weren't too excited about it, they much preferred to just get there and swim in the hotel pool, but hopefully they'll look back fondly on these adventures. Our first stop was the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest in a corner of Arizona that we've never touched. The colors were remarkable and hiking through the Blue Mesa felt like we were taking a step on another planet.

A quick stop at the Newspaper Rock, a rock covered with over 600 petroglyphs. The boys were much more impressed with the binoculars.

And here is the Blue Mesa badlands dotted with petrified wood millions of years old, so so cool.

The next stop was Canyon de Chelly, which was absolutely breathtaking. I wish we had time to hike down to the White House ruins, but now we have an excuse to come back.

Spider Rock was the last and final awe inspiring stop. I have had this exact shot pinned to my Arizona pinterest board for years, so glad I can check it off my bucket list. Nature is full of such incredible beauty, I'm always so grateful and humbled every chance I get to soak it in, especially with the people I love the most.

The rest of the drive was speckled with beautiful views and a lot of vast emptiness. The kids watched Moana, played a few rousing games of Plants vs Zombies, sang along energetically to Bruno Mars and ate DQ. Ryder asked every 5 minutes how much longer even though he has zero concept of time. It's so much easier traveling as the kids get older, I used to dread the road trips, but just like a fine cheese it gets better with time.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Wet & Wild

Water season is officially upon us, and I'm not too mad about it. Yet. The kids are out on spring break and we're taking full advantage of the lack of schedule to sleep in, be lazy and get sopping wet. Tyson's family moved right around the corner from us and even though they were only 10 minutes away before it's so nice having them only a golf cart ride away. They came over for a water day, the kids loved it, Jason was concerned about his grass getting ruined. He texted me mid day and asked how the grass was. I responded "wet". Which apparently can only mean one thing to a guy. He texted back something dirty, only Kylie was looking at pictures on my phone when he sent it and now she is scarred for life. Good times.  

Love how much he loves his Claire berry. He keeps begging me to have another baby, they all do. I keep trying to tell them that this shop is closed for business. At least they have her to dote on.

We killed a few hours at the Basha pool. Ryder can touch the bottom in the semi-deep pool and has become quite the little swimmer so for the first time he was free to hang out with the boys with out me tagging along two steps behind. The umbilical cord was cut and he was in heaven and I didn't know what to do with my self as I joined the ranks of side line moms. He tried the diving board for the first time and was hooked.

He kept going over and over and over and over. After a while this was the scene, Jayden and Maddox worn out and sun bathing while Ryder is in the background hitting the diving board on repeat. Funny boy.

We took the boat out for the maiden voyage of the season and it always feels good to stretch out under the sun with the wind in your hair. We were sad Kylie wasn't able to come, she had a dance competition, but we had such a chill and enjoyable day with the boys. We listened to "Something Just Like This" on repeat and it was so fitting. It's Jason's new favorite song, he also listened to that same song on repeat for four miles straight when we went running a few nights later. Funny boy. I have a feeling years from now that song will come on the radio and it will take me back to this exact moment. And it's a pretty good moment to revisit.