Wednesday, April 26, 2017


The holidays are just sneaking up on me these days. I had a whole list of holiday traditions to check off and we only got through about half of them, but I don't think the kids felt deprived. The after school snack of chocolate chow mein noodle birds nest didn't go over as well as I had anticipated; I never did get around to dying Easter eggs and making Maddox the egg salad sandwich he has been talking about all year; and we're still waiting for the fidget spinners to come that I ordered on Amazon for their Easter baskets. But we did go to a neighborhood Easter breakfast and egg hunt, enjoyed more Easter themed after school snacks that didn't involve chow mein noodles, ate a big brunch, enjoyed a beautiful church service, made carrot cake and even managed to pull off a big Turkey dinner with 2:00 church. We had Tyson's family over and Julene and Kevin surprised us and dropped by on their way home from Texas. It's always nice spending the holidays with family.  I love this time of year and the reminder of our Savior who made it possible to be together forever with this family of mine. 

Learning to iron his own shirt for church

Summer Tease

We're on the brink of all things good in life, late night movies, sleeping in, otter pops by the pool, pancakes in pajamas and of course the lake. Good Friday was definitely a good one this year. We missed Jayden who was at a scout campout in Flagstaff, but Kylie brought along a few friends and Tyson's family joined us too so we had a full boat. 

Mastering the art of the selfie

Lately when I look at her I see her in a new light, she is growing into a beautiful woman before my eyes.

She learned to surf without the rope for the first time, it was awesome!

Love these cousins and the chance they have to grow up together.

Ryder wake boarding with Jason, he didn't care for it quite as much this time.

Ended the night with a barbecue and crawdad catching before making our way back to the dock under the stars. Always a favorite. Here's to the beginning of a summer chock full of lazy days on the lake.