Wednesday, September 21, 2011


tomorrow I will not go hoarse from yelling at the kids.
tomorrow I will spend more time actually playing with my kids than on the computer only planning things to play with them.
tomorrow I will spend more time making memories than on the computer writing about them.
tomorrow I will find it more endearing than annoying when Maddox wants to help me with everything.
tomorrow I will listen.
tomorrow I will actually talk to Jason in the evening instead of just coexisting on seperate couches both absorbed in our own computer screens.
tomorrow I will take Maddox to the park instead of letting him watch 5 episodes of Bob the Builder in a row.
tomorrow I will remember family scripture time in the midst of the bedtime chaos.
tomorrow I will play Monopoly Jr. with Jayden instead of letting him play Mario Karts all afternoon.
tomorrow I will not feed my kids chicken nuggets and Oreos while I eat whole grains and fresh veggies.
tomorrow I will eat as many Oreos as I want and stop obsessing over the scale.
tomorrow I will smile and maybe even laugh more.
tomorrow I will hold Ryder when I feed him instead of always propping the bottle up with a blanket in his bouncy chair.
tomorrow I will paint nails with Kylie and watch the dance she has been wanting to show me.

thankgoodness for tomorrows and fresh starts, because after today heaven knows I need it.


Chelsea said...

that darn canning!

I'm sure today was better. Just blame the applesauce. I rather enjoyed our conversations yesterday, you hid the stress well! ;)

Jodee said...

awe, I wish I could come over and take you to dinner or something. :( I hope tomorrow rocks!

Janessa said...

You nailed it. There are way too many nights that I go to bed feeling like this. Good thing for tomorrows. Love you!