Sunday, September 25, 2011

BYU and bust a move

Despite getting spanked by the U of U, Jason was still excited to initiate Jayden into the world of BYU football.  There's no better way to do that then belting out "Rise and Shout" under the stars on a crisp fall night, seated in a sea of blue on the hallowed grounds of the Lavelle Edwards stadium. Being there with his grandpa, uncles and cousins made it even better and I have a feeling this will be a weekend Jayden will remember for a very long time. 

You can definately tell these cute boys are cousins!  Man how I miss being close to family, he had the best time playing with these boys.

I love this picture of him cheering because I'm pretty certain he had no idea what he was cheering for.  Jason tried his best to explain the rules of the game but he never failed to get excited every time there was a kick off because he thought it was a touch down.

I guess they helped themselves to a tour of the field house and this is Brandon Doman's office.  I'm pretty sure they weren't supposed to be there and they just snuck in, but I'm not asking any questions.

Bridal Veil falls.  I miss Utah.  I miss wearing a jacket in September.

(I love that he had his shirt on backwards the entire day and neither he or Jason realized it)
They took a day trip to Park City before their evening flight and had fun doing the Alpine slide and coaster.  It's a good thing I wasn't there, I would have dragged them to the outlets too.  I loved hearing Jayden tell me all about his weekend, and I know Jason's looking forward to this becoming a new tradition.  That is if BYU can redeem themselves.

We couldn't let the boys have all the fun, though.  Our ward had a talent show and Kylie and her friends have been working hard to perfect their dance.  They were so cute and took it all very serious, picking the song, the choreography, the outfits and weekly mandatory practices.  Here they are prepping for the big production and I loved being a fly on the wall listening to their chatter and giggles.

Kylie is right in her element on the stage.  She is so shy in so many situations but shines in front of a crowd.  I can't help but be a proud mom when I watch her do her thing. (

I love these girls and am grateful for such good friends!

We ended the night watching "Prom" on the laptop under the covers in my bed and eating atleast one box of candy each.  It was a win-win weekend for everybody!


Chris and Sally said...

Chris was at that game too! I wish he would have taken Peyton, next year I guess. The trip started out as the guys going to see the game and turned into a golf trip as well. How did that happen? I miss wearing jackets in September as well, blast the heat!

Tyson and Dawn Jolley said...

SO cute! I loved being able to watch Kylie's dance on must do this more often!
I bet the boys had a blast with an all guys weekend :) I love "seasons" here in Utah, I will miss them too depending on where we end up for dental school!

Chelsea said...

holy smokes! that is one nice develope! go fab 5! they are all so cute up there.

Andi said...

It was so fun having them stay at my house and be at the game. I'm glad you used a few pictures from my camera. I also enjoyed Kylie's dance routine with her friends.

Janessa said...

You guys are the funnest parents ever. What a great weekend for everyone! I'm so glad you put the link for her dance. That was so fun to watch. Kylie is such a natural. I can't belive how flexible she is! Love the glasses! It looks like Jason and Jayden had such a great time. Glad BYU pulled off a win for them. Seriously, you guys are the best!

Suni said...

How fun!! Love your tomorrow list, we all have those days

Jodee said...

Not the best game but what a fun weekend for Jayden with his dad. And Kylie rocked it, so cute! Madison was watching this and decided she and Kylie are just destined to be reunited as BFF's.
Love you guys!