Saturday, October 01, 2011

Girly girls

This growing up thing is weird.  She's an actual real person with real opinions about all sorts of things, like that having your mom come to school lunch is no longer cool and that getting a feather in your hair is no longer a want, it's a need. I do miss tying bows in her hair, but I also love seeing the person she is becoming.  She had her friends over the other day and they decided to do a spa day, complete with oatmeal face masks, citrus slices on their eyes (which it didn't take them long to realize that wasn't the best idea) and salon hair washes.  I loved just sitting back pretending I was busy but really watching and listening to them.  They are such a cute group of girls and I love seeing Kylie interact with her friends.  She's witty, she's funny, she's not afraid to voice her opinions and she's definately way cooler than I ever was at that age.  And according to her, way cooler than I am even now.


Jodee said...

Ouch, lemons on the eyes?!?
They are so cute. It's scary how grown up they seem already. But you are right, it is so fun to watch them become their own person.

Janessa said...

You're such a good mom to just let them go loose with the in home spa. I worry to much about the mess that I will mostly have to clean up. I think I need to relax a little. Kylie is such a cutie and totally cool! She so gets it from her mom. She'll realize it someday:)

Chelsea said...

So fun! I remember doing that at her age, and ending up with a huge red rash around my eyes apparently the cucumber slices weren't agreeing with my skin. Um, that pict of M & Ava is killing me with cuteness.