Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thirty six

Happy birthday to my other birthday boy...

We started the day with his favorite cinnamon rolls. Then he quite enjoyed {insert sarcasm} his only present of boring old work clothes that he picked out two weeks ago and has been wearing ever since.

(too bad everything but the birthday boy is in focus)

He is the complete opposite of a diva on his birthday, he prefers low key but I still tried to prove him wrong when he insisted that his birthday is just like any day.  The kids helped me surprise him with a candle light dinner and I think he liked it. Air Supply playing in the background was an added bonus.

Happy birthday, Jason!  You know I love you and your cute booty too.


Janessa said...

Wow, you went all out with those decorations just for Jason's birthday:) What a sweet wife you are!!! Nice to have such a non-diva kind of birthday. Glad you were able to throw some celebration into the day. Happy birthday Jason!

Chelsea said...

isn't it nice having a spouse with such low expectations? I think you really stepped it up this year however...LOVE the patio candlelight setting. Perfect.

Jodee said...

OOOO pretty light AND Air Supply?!?!
now that's a fantastic party!
Happy Birthday Jason, I am glad you can be low key to balance out your birthday-diva wife ;)