Saturday, October 15, 2011


to this devilishly handsome and devilishly rotten little man,who thinks he has been 3 for the past 6 months and now that it's finally his birthday he tells everyone he's 2 :

We started the day with this:

and he loved all his presents, especially this: (and the dollar store trumpet that he calls his frute)

he spent all day playing in this:

(and all night):

(and even the next day-with the frute):

then we went to the movies to see this: (I pity whoever doesn't live by a dollar theater. and no it's not creepy or weird to bring a camera into the theater.) 

then we came home to have a pizza party and eat these: (how did I ever survive without pinterest?)

and then have a movie party and campout on the trampoline:  (Everyone slowly trickled in throughout the night, except Jayden, he outlasted everyone.  That doesn't surprise me one single bit.)

What a perfect little three year old birthday for my little NaNa.  I love everything about you, the way you are fiercely protective of me, how you are obsessed with the Strawberry Shortcake movie, how you tell me you love me in your heart in your belly, how you twist your little pointer finger in your snuggles when you fall asleep, how you watch Bob the Builder every morning when you wake up and sometimes I even find you awake on the couch at 1am asking to watch it, your little lisp when you say your "S's", how you love to do cannon-bobs in the pool, the way you end every sentence with "mom" when you're talking to me, how you always have to climb on the counter put on your "acorn" and get my "cooker book" to help whenever I'm cooking, how you remind us to pray for the baby in my tummy every prayer even though Ryder's 4 1/2mo old, or how you think butter knives are just pretending to be real knives, your squeaky little voice when you wake up, how you put your food in the fridge everytime before you eat it, how you sing Kesha to Ryder during sacrament meeting, and how you can't go to sleep until I tickle your face and sing you "twinkle, twinkle little star" and "you are my sunshine".  Yes, I love everything about you, but especially your smile:  (I loved this shot that I saw on none other than pinterest, but seriously I thought I was going to puke up a sunshine cupcake, I am way too old for spinning.)

your laugh:

but mostly this. oh be still my heart.


Chelsea said...

oh he is a keeper alright!!! too cute for words! and yes he has the cutest little raspy voice. Look at you actually making things you 'pinned'! Tonight was my first time using a recipe I pinned, I am grounding myself from recipes on there unless I make at least half of the ones on my board!

Jodee said...

He is adorable. I love all of his Maddox-isms. Looks like a great birthday. He seems very pleased with his party. That fort is adorable and seems so simple.
I can't believe he is three!

Janessa said...

Oh Jamie, my heart is aching to to hold and chat and play with this boy. He is just too cute! I loved reading through all the cute little things that make Maddox, Maddox. Love, love, love this boy! I'm glad he had such a fun birthday. You did so many sweet things to make it a fun day for him. I love the fort. It turned out so great! You'll have to give me some tips on taking pictures in the dark. Well done! That spinning picture is awesome! Another one I'll have to copy:) Happy Birthday NaNa! Love you!!!