Friday, October 07, 2011


This is so nice getting caught up on the blog since I have nothing else to do in the hotel while the baby sleeps. So...Disneyland was the main event, but the everything else was just as fun.  Jason had to work in LA for a couple of days so the kids and I bummed around and found some pretty cool things to do.  We went to this Pretend City last time when we were in Cali and the kids gave it a standing ovation so we made a return trip.  We saw families come and families go and outlasted them all during the 5 hours we were there.  And they still begged to stay longer as they shooed us out the door at closing. I loved seeing the kids get lost in their imaginations and playing so good together.  They pass out money when they see you doing a job, but Kylie and Jayden kept stealing it all from the registers and all the employees kept commenting on how they must be such hard workers. This little Chinese boy followed Jayden around everywhere like some cute little Asian magnent.  Maddox peed his pants and had to wear Kylie's size 7 bedazzled shorts that were in the car.  Good thing California's a liberal state. 

We scored with this little gem at a park called Great Park (alot of wasted money on that marketing director).  There's a giant helium balloon that you can ride in, it goes up like 400 ft and has an amazing view.  And it's even free, which is not a word you see very often in these parts.  And it was decorated like a pumpkin. And they had a free carousel that we rode about 7 times in a row.  And then I thought I was going to puke.

It rained like a week's worth in one day and then has been nothing but beautiful ever since, so we took advantage of it and went to a pumpkin patch.  The patch was okay, the hay maze a little small, the haunted house a little cheezy, the train ride enjoyable but man oh man, the bike rental was a blast!  I didn't really take into account the fact that without Jason I would pretty much be the only man power on that thing.  Which I guess can be a good thing since it balanced out all the Wahoo's burritos and Disneyland popcorn.  This older lady thought I was crazy when I was loading all four kids up and the baby in the bjorn, so I made it my mission to prove her wrong.  My legs were like jello when we were done and the kids had to hop off and push us up the hills but we seriously had the best time.  The downhills were the best, we all put our arms in the air and screamed the whole way down.  When my legs got too tired we would pull over and play for a little, or eat animal crackers since I was too cheap to pay for $4 hot dogs.  Fun, fun memories.


Jodee said...

You are a brave woman, those bikes are HARD to pedal!
I love all the pics, especially the carousel ones, my fav!
I am loving this little trip to Cali that I can take vicariously through you ;)

Jodee said...

And, that sleeping baby- too much!

Chelsea said...

You really can do it all and with a baby--looks like a great time, all minus the pumpkin balloon, it gave me anxiety just looking at it ;) Glad you got a fun vacay!

Janessa said...

Lovin the bedazzled shorts. Nice improv. The "Great Park" sounds great. Love your comment about the marketing director. Ha! How cool to go up in a hot air balloon. My kids have asked me many times if they can go in a hot air balloon. Maybe we'll just have to visit the Great Park someday. I'm bummed that you didn't have somebody take a picture you hauling all your babies on that bike. That was totally a lost Kodak moment. You rock! You have some very lucky kids. I hope they know what an awesome mom they have:)