Thursday, October 20, 2011

Four (and a half) months

26.5 inches (90%)
17 lb 4 oz (75%)
head 17 cm (75%)

Still sleeps like a champ, eats enough to maintain that perfect figure, smiles at any one who glances his way, belly laugs when I nibble on his collar bone and makes me say words like "chunkity monkity" and "poopsie pants". Definately a keeper, glad he's all mine.


Janessa said...

I can't belive how big he's getting! Is it happening way too fast or does it seem about right? I still just picture you with a newborn. I love the "chunkity monkity" I'll have to borrow that one;) Give that baby a big hug and kiss for me!

Jodee said...

again, he is ADORABLE and I can see why he makes you all mushy.