Friday, October 28, 2011

First milestone

I usually get so excited to let my babies experience food for the first time and once they hit 4 months I've got the bib on and rice cereal a la carte ready to go.  This time is different.  Maybe it's because I'm in denial that my baby is growing up, or maybe it's just because I'm lazy.  Either way, today was the day.  He didn't know what to think and his expression says it all.  I don't blame ya kid, it looks pretty nasty.


Janessa said...

He's getting so big!!! I know how you feel about not wanting to rush the milestones. These babies are growing way too fast! So cliche, but so true. I love all his cute little expressions. Great shots capturing a first. Love that boy!

Jodee said...

He can't be any cuter! And is that red fuzz on his head or is that just the light? Either way he is stinkin cute!