Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween twenty-eleven

Jayden insisted on something scary this year, Transformers are so 2010. Kylie came up with Ryder's to die for nerd costume and I was waiting all night for the "inja" to say "wax on, wax off". Halloween was a month long celebration this time around.  The epic movie night, a carnival put on by neighbors, an adult Halloween scavanger hunt (this proved to be a pivotal point in our relationship.  For the first time I realized that when he says he doesn't like cheezy he is not just saying that while secretly hoping I will fill his car with balloons and love notes.  It was a fun night but scavanger hunts and creative Mormon dates are not his thing.  Atleast now I'm off the hook from planning that patio prom I saw on Dating Divas).  Then trick or treating at Jason's work (where they scored these glasses and now Maddox walks around saying "wook deeeeep into my eyes" and I have never heard him belly laugh quite like when he put them on Ryder),

then the ward trunk or treat,

our "Cackle Cook's Cafe" dinner night (where we lucked out to have Uncle Tyler here with us too),

Halloween breakfast,

Halloween lunches (Kylie tried to break it to me nicely that 4th graders don't do this kind of thing.  I was worried I had permanently scarred her reputation but she came home saying all her friends thought it was cool. They may not have been throwing their heads back in laughter at the joke list I snuck in there, but atleast I got away with it for one more year).

We had pumpkin shaped pizza and then finally the grand finale, trick or treating with neighbors and friends. I love our neighborhood on Halloween, the weather is always perfect and there's a magical glow as it comes alive with kids running around and neighbors gathered at firepits. Halloween has definately moved up ranks on my holiday faves list in the past few years.  Seriously, how could it not??


Kelly said...

Yay! You're back! I love your writing style, and the cute, cute pics of your kiddos.

Janette said...

The pic of Ryder wearing the glasses made me laugh, too!! Looks like a fun Halloween!

Janessa said...

I'm totally cracking up at Ryder's little costume! I don't think I've ever seen a baby nerd before. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. Did you tell me about this? I'm not remembering it if you did. The rest of the kiddos look great too. Glad you had a fun Halloween. I'm jealous of your fun picture perfect neighborhood. I love all the fun things you did for their lunches and dinner. Your Cackle Cook's Cafe definitely topped mine this year. Do you do take out for next year? What fun childhood memories your kids will have of Halloween!

Chelsea said...

DYING over Ryder! SO CUTE. And also dying over the Burke and NaNa picture. They are both irresistible!! Love your breakfast, school lunch, dinner menu, etc etc....you really do it all! I must know what 'crunchy scabs' consist of, however...

Jodee said...

You are such a fun mom!
Kylie did awesome on the nerd costumes, such a cute big sister!
And the pic with Ryder in the glasses is hilarious! So funny those two!