Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A "spot on" Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was spot on (as quoted by Tyler Jolley) and filled with nuggets of happiness (as quoted by Frankie Heck).  Tyler won the best game face contest and the coveted prize was a front page picture on the blog, so.....

go ahead,
every minute of your
15 minutes
of fame....

This really was one of the best Thanksgivings.  I loved laughing and cooking up a mean Thanksgiving feast with Margaret, I loved the Christmas music playing in the background, the smell of turkey mingled with killer homemade stuffing and made from scratch apple pie (yeah, we're pretty proud of those) and the sounds of the dads being mauled by the kids.  Jayden and Maddox were typical boys and typically fascinated by the naked turkey and gizzards and then were so grossed out at the idea of eating it. However, I am proud to announce I am a sweet potatoe convert, thanks Meg. And Ryder formed an intense addiction to licorice, thanks bad mom, but I think everyone deserves to enjoy Thanksgiving. We had a rowdy game night before deciding on a whim (mostly because I was getting killed in Hearts) to do it up on Black Friday and we done did it up until 3 AM.  Kylie loved being one of the big girls and swore that sitting in a shopping cart on a pile of DVD's with glazed over eyes for an hour in the Wal-mart check out line was the funnest night of her life.  The next day was Christmas unleashed with Santa and the Snow Princess helping me transform the house. I can't tell you how happy lighted garland on the stair rail makes me.  Then cuddling up with hot chocolate and Reese's popcorn to watch Christmas movies under the glow of the Christmas tree, it was just dandy. I love the holidays.


Tyson and Dawn Jolley said...

How cute! Your Thanksgiving seemed so picture perfect! Glad you guys had extra family around too. I am so jealous of your apple pie...homemade pies are the BEST! And the lattice looks amazing on it! Can't wait to see you guys around Christmas time!

Jodee said...

Jayden and those boots are killin me! Looks like a fantastic Christmas! I hope you didn't get mauled at Wally world- Yikes!

Janessa said...

Spot on, I say, spot on! My heart is yearning to be there. What a wonderfuly perfect Thanksgiving and Christmas kick off. For Tyler - nice game face! Well done!!! Love you guys!