Saturday, December 03, 2011

Living on the edge

Thanksgiving was awesome in and of itself, but as an added bonus we took the kids to Flagstaff for the weekend to experience the Polar Express with our friends the Andersons.  More about that awesomeness later, first we took a pit stop at the Walnut Creek Indian cliff dweller ruins. It was crazy to explore these ruins nestled right into the mountains.  Sucks to be a sleepwalker. I can't imagine raising kids on a cliff, it stresses me out enough just trying to find a safety gate to fit on our staircase.

Notice that big wet spot in the corner?  We walked around the corner to find our friend's kid totally marking his territory and defaceing an historical monument. Haha! He didn't understand why his parents were so upset, when you gotta go you gotta go.

By default I got buddied up with Jonas and Jayden who were determined to beat everyone to the top. By a longshot.  Me and the 20 lb human strapped to my chest could barely keep up with their quick little legs.  It's a 188 foot staircase to the top and they had no pity on me when I kept begging them to stop for a minute.  I was quite entertained by their conversations, though. Deep discussions ensued about everything from Ben 10 to Mario Karts to to the pictures of the naked Indian ladies.  It was a great way to explore nature, learn some history, get some exercise and spend time with friends.  It could have been about 10 degrees warmer, though.


Jodee said...

"Sucks to be a sleepwalker" You crack me up.
Those are some dang cute pictures you took. Love those freckles on Jayden!

Janessa said...

I'm excited about all these updates (and feeling rather guilty since I haven't touched our blog in over a month now)! What a neat place to explore. Yeah, how do you raise kids in a house like that? Glad I don't have to find out:) Great pictures, as always. I don't know if I'm looking at the right "wet spot". If I am, holy cow that kid had a lot of pee! Way to leave a mark:)