Sunday, December 04, 2011


I am seriously crushing on Sedona right about now.  With its towering red cliffs, to its pine trees and fall leaves.  It's enough to make me (almost) want to trade in our boat and go back to our one week of being a camping family.  There are so many cool hiking trails, I may become a nomad in my next life and explore every nook and cranny of this place.  But for now we soaked up all the sun and beauty on a day trip on our way home from Flagstaff.

this is "Snoopy's head".  What's that? You can't see it?? Yeah, neither could we.

Okay, so I never got the memo that we were doing actual real hiking here.  I was more concerned about staying warm and looking cute. I think the mule deer were impressed with my ensemble. Of course Jason had to give me a hard time and of course I had to tell him that these boots were pretty much the most comfortable hiking boots ever.

A good hiking stick was like gold.  I've got to give props to Jayden when he gave Kylie his prized stick. Just the right heighth, smooth like butter, the perfect shade of gray and not a splinter in sight, it was money.  These kids honestly got along so well this entire trip.  It was a Christmas miracle.  The only times we had to get after them was when they were being too hyper and wild, which I would take over fighting and whining any day. 

We stalked this herd of mule deer for quite some time.  Despite wandering off the path into bobcat and mountain lion territory as forbidden in every sign posting, it was pretty cool to get so up close and personal with them.  Is it bad that I was disappointed that we didn't see any bobcats?  Was it too much to ask for even a tarantula?  Atleast we had the deer to apease me.

New favorite picture.  Didn't think it was worth risking a baby in the river for this photo op (see I am a good mom), just imagine his cute chubby little face in this picture and it would be perfect. This really was such a fun weekend, these kids make me so happy I could burst.


Janessa said...

Well, for what it's worth, you look hot! My feet would have been killing me. Was Jason convinced they were comfortable hiking boots? What a beautiful place to spend the day hiking with those cute little angles of yours. I'm glad you had so much fun and that your kids were so perfect. I hope we have a Christmas miracle like that;) That last picture is adorable. Too bad Ryder didn't make it in. Probably a good call though. How deep was the water?

Jodee said...

HA! Love the hiking boots! And that is my new favorite picture too, sooooo stinkin cute!