Monday, December 05, 2011

Queen Creek Holiday parade

We watched Backyardigans on the Iphone while waiting for it to start. We patiently took every advertisement and flyer handed our way. We admired the horses.  We scrambled for candy being thrown. We clapped when necessary.  We tapped our feet to the marching band's rendition of Jingle Bells.  We waved to the Santa and every passing float. 

And then came the moment we really dragged sleepy kids out of bed early on a chilly Saturday morning and even risked another bad hair and makeup day to sit under the looming rain clouds for. Here's the star that stole the show. I really couldn't help myself. My trigger finger was having spasms and I physically could not stop taking pictures of the cutest little who-ville dancer to ever prance those streets.

Until finally I got THE LOOK. And I was banned from any more pictures. One day she'll thank me. Maybe.


Chelsea said...

cutest WHO! she has the perfect little dancers body, i predict she will go pull out your wallet ;)

I love your writing! I'm so impressed you are still blogging, but with style...I've lost all my writing mojo. I'm good to get pix up anymore...which will be coming. soon.

Janessa said...

Oh, that girl is too cute!!! I'm glad your finger was trigger happy. I had to study each picture since I can't be there to see her in person. Love, love, love it. She has seriously got to put on a recital for us when we see you guys next summer. Tell her to start practicing now:)

Jodee said...

Love the second to the last pic. And I think she has got to be the luckiest big sister ever, she has some adorable little fans!