Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We should be in Park City right now

I totally jinxed myself.  I was deep in the trenches of cleaning day and thinking about how sick I was last Christmas and how it is so nice that everyone is healthy.  Then Jayden came home sick.  I had one kid puking, one kid who wouldn't nap, toilets to finish scrubbing and a three year old who dumped all the bath water on the floor so that he could jump in puddles.  I thought at that moment it couldn't get worse.  Of course you know I was wrong.   I was still convinced Jayden was sick because he drank out of his week old water bottle that he kept forgetting to bring home.  Then Ryder threw up.  I was convinced I over fed him.  Then I threw up.  I was convinced I was sick from cleaning up throw up.  Then Kylie threw up and I was convinced she ate too many cookies.  Then Maddox threw up and I finally got over my denial and realized we had a full blown plague. Yes, it can always get worse. I still thought maybe there would be a miraculous recovery and Jason and I could jet away to our surprise-but-not-so-surprise snowboarding trip to Utah that he had planned for months  Then our baby-sitter called.  Her little girl was sick.  And then she got sick.  Yes, it definately can always get worse.  The only positive of sick kids is that their sweet side comes out.  Kylie thanks me profusely for taking care of her and Jayden wrote this sweet get well card for Kylie (To: Kylie I hope you fill beter.  I hope you are not sick on Christmas.  I hope this is last day for you to be sick.  from: Jayden).  So here we sit for the past 12 hours on the exact same spot on the floor watching every single Christmas movie on Netflix and wishing I was making out with Jason on the lift instead.  We've got chicken dumpling soup (thank you!!) and 2 barf free hours under our belt, so here's hoping things are on the up and up. Poor babies.


Chelsea said...

oh man. at least you'll be well for christmas! Sorry :(

Janessa said...

I lOVE the way you write! I totally do the same rationalization game when a kid starts throwing up. I'm glad it went through fast, but oh man, what a miserable couple of days. I'm am so sad that you had to reschedule your trip. What a bummer. Hopefully you'll have a fun and healthy Christmas though. Love you!!!