Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday checklist

holiday decorations
christmas cards
neighbor gifts
teacher gifts
cousin, sibling and grandparent gifts
kids gifts
Jason's suprise gift
secret santa gifts
wrapping gifts
dance studio christmas party
class holiday parties
christmas work party
ward christmas party
adult christmas party
neighborhood caroling party
christmas bunco party
christmas cookie exchange party
RS christmas dinner
VT christmas breakfast
christmas light hayride
finish christmas hat orders
eat 720 calories of christmas goodies every day
hot chocolate and christmas movies every weekend night
christmas music playing every waking minute
watch Elf a minimum of 3 times
read "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" each night under the christmas tree lights
make Jayden famous by promoting all 7 of his new renditions of "Jingle bells, Batman smells..." yeah, that didn't happen, but he's still holding out hope

It's been a busy month. But the fun kind of busy. We did barely squeak in a few more to do's on our list, just in the nick of time. The temple lights are a must, which were unfortunately cut short by the rain.  Maddox was amazed at the Christus statue, it was the biggest trophy he'd ever seen....

and sitting on Santa's lap. Well, Jayden told us he was too old, Kylie though it was weird and Maddox was nervous to actually sit on his lap, which was probably for the best after his little hershey squirt incident at the temple earlier.  He wasn't a very friendly Santa, Maddox rattled off his laundry list of wishes and according to him, "he didn't even say anyfing!".  They had just as much fun playing all the games and oggling the displays at Bass Pro Shops, though. I can't believe this is the first year we've ever been there.  I'm excited the big day is almost here, but it's going to be sad when every weekend isn't filled with holiday stuff and Christmas isn't talked about every day.


Janessa said...

Wow, the Young's house sounds like the place to be in December. You guys packed in the fun! And to think you even squeezed in a puke fest. Glad that was short lived. It is sad to see all the Christmas festivities come to an end. Glad you enjoyed it to the fullest!

Jodee said...

Lookes like the ideal Christmas list to me. The Temple looks beautiful. But wait, there is bad weather in AZ? NO WAY!!!

Chelsea said...

whoa. So much stuff! And guess whats the one thing I wanted to do that no one else did--temple lights. Yep, they all voted to go home & get to bed early. Ba humbug.