Thursday, June 14, 2012

The happiest kind of chaos

When it comes to sisters, mine is the best kind to have.  The kind that genuinely loves your kids, the kind that offers to watch your baby in the morning while you go back to sleep even though she's been up with her own for the past 2 hours, the kind that jumps in and helps with the cooking and cleaning, the kind that helps out with groceries, the kind that stays up late to talk and watch movies no matter how tired she is, the kind that buys treats for your kids and especially the kind who is willing to drive 15 hours by herself with 6 kids just to spend the week with you.  Yep, that's the kind of sister I have and yes, I know just how lucky I am.  We spent the week parading our 10 offspring around in the party bus.  We could only handle one outing a day then spent the rest of the time in a house full of happy chaos.  Toys, wet footprints, screaming, crying but mostly smiles and laughter filled the house. 10 exhausted and happy kids and 2 sisters that couldn't get enough of our time together.  Thanks so much Janessa, you know I love you and my kids loved spending time with their cousins too!

Outing #1: Picnic & dollar movies to see Journey 2 & The Lorax.  Smuggling in treats, stray dogs, security guards and changing dirty diapers on laps in the dark while wearing white jeans.

Outing #2:  Ikea- because there's nothing wrong with getting 10 free kids meals on Free Kid Meal Tuesdays

 Yeah, it was as chaotic as it looks. Kids running everywhere and planking on wire display baskets, but luckily we only lost the kids one time.

Outing #3: Basha pool, where Maddox had to get rescued by the life guard. Odds were 1 in 10 that somebody would need rescuing.

Outing #4: the lake for Connor's birthday.   I know I have about 264 lake pictures on here already, but baby girl got air when she learned how to jump the wake, Jayden learned how to cross over the wake and cousin pictures on the tube are definately always blog worthy. 

I have to laugh at the looks of sheer terror on Kambry and Abby's faces while Kylie is hanging loose.  You girls need to come visit more often!

Slurpees at Circle K on the way home from the lake have been a long standing tradition, but this time Jason promised to buy slurpees for everyone if Janessa got up on the wakeboard.  This picture speaks for itself: Go Janess!

A few shots from our down time (I love that they are praying over their plastic meal)

Love and miss you guys already!


Chelsea said...

Seriously FUN. I love this post and I know you know how lucky you are to have a good sister! Well you just have a great family altogether. Those Jolley's knew just what they were doin ;)

Janessa said...

No, YOU'RE the best! That was seriously so much fun! You are so nice to me and my circus crash at your house for a whole week and to graciously call it "happy chaos". I love you so much and couldn't ask for a better sister and cousins for my kiddos. You made every minute of the 15 hour drive worth it!