Thursday, June 07, 2012

A pre-mature father's day

When I realized we would be in Utah for Father's day I told Jason we could celebrate a couple of weeks early, and he didn't hesitate at all with the offer.  He did me a solid on Mother's day and he is a pretty big deal around these parts, so we were glad for the chance to spoil him.  Pinterest sponsored the sausage and egg burrito brunch (if you serve non-chick foods does it make a "brunch" any more manly?), the homemade book and gift bag (that ended up being 10x's smaller than we thought and was only big enough to hold the superdad pin Kylie made).  Then I thought it would be fun to have him open an envelope every hour with a different activity to do (non-pinterest inspired, I think that's a first)
Please enjoy a Father’s day brunch because we all love you a whole whole bunch!
Relax, kick back and enjoy some Zzzz’s, take a nice long nap if you please!
This is the hour you’ve been waiting for, a 15 min backrub from each of us four
Here’s a special treat in more ways than one, enjoy some goodies while watching sports, doesn't that sounds fun?
These kids are the ones who make you a dad, so pick your favorite activity with them that would be really rad.
Please join us for a father’s day dinner, one that’s prepared for our dad that’s a winner!
You do so much for the family and now it’s our turn to serve you. For the next hour you get to tell us what you want us to do…organize your closet, clean out your car, iron your shirts, straighten up the garage, or pick some weeds…you decide just what you need!
So that's the nitty gritty of our father's day, but the heart of it all is how much we adore this man they call dad.  The dad who brings home suckers from work, the dad who plays hide-and-go seek during bedtime, the dad who launches the kids in the pool, the dad who plays catch, the dad who patiently teaches them how to snowboard, wakeboard and swim, the dad who makes the best pancakes and the dad who would do anything for his kids.  You're a pretty swell guy, hope you felt the love today!

Maddox's gift bag of treasures: a rock, night light and wooden people.  Any gift from the heart like that truly is a treasure.


Chelsea said...

of course you did it 2 weeks early! wouldn't everyone think of that?! ;) I know I wouldn't. You are so good at making everything special and thoughtful. And seriously with the rhyming events? I don't think I've rhymed anything since I was 9. Your family is so lucky to have you!

Janessa said...

And here I am sitting on your couch leaving you a comment on your blog. Cause we're cheesy like that:) You are so good to give Jason his own father's day like that. Looser wife here is feeling very guilty. I can't let Ricky see this post ('cause you know he checks your blog everyday!). I love your envelope idea. I don't think I told you, but some of Ricky's sisters were asking about father's day ideas and I told them what you did. Don't worry, you got full credit. They all thought it was genius and will be copying you. Hope that's okay:) Jason is a great dad and does make the best pancakes. You make the best syrup. You two are a perfect match in so many ways! Happy Father's Day Jason!