Friday, June 29, 2012

Cherry picking with Great Grandpa Anderson

As we made our way down to Vegas we made a stop at Nephi to visit my grandparents.  I always thought his fruit trees and award winning garden were cool as a kid, but now I officially have garden envy.  I'm pretty confident that's a sign that I'm getting old.  I'm so glad my kids had the chance to visit with their great grandparents and also so glad that they had a chance to pick some cherries (so glad because Jason and I devoured them the minute we got in the car).  They loved it and Jayden asked if we could come do this everyday.  Boy how I wish! Ryder was so sick the week before while we were with my family and would barely get off my lap, I thought there was a good chance he may have forgotten how to walk.  I was so glad to see that he finally started perking up.  True to his personality, he LOVED my grandpa.  It was so funny how he was so drawn to all the men in our families.  I sure love my grandparents and wish that we could see them more often.  From now on whenever I eat a cherry I'll be thinking about them!  


Chelsea said...

again you have the best family ever! A cherry tree, how cool! I love how good you are at visiting all your family members whenever you're in town. (and i know you are related to someone in every state in the usa)

Janessa said...

My kids would be so jealous! Picking cherries from grandpa's tree was the one Utah thing we didn't get checked off our list. Their house was just the wrong direction from Texas. How fun for you though! I'm glad poor Ryder was finally feeling better. Poor baby!