Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Salt Lake: so much to do, so little time 

There was so much we wanted to see and do in Salt Lake, we could have spent days up there.  Since time was not on our side we decided to cram as much as we could into one day before we all reached our breaking point.  That breaking point occured at 9pm sharp as I rocked an overly exhausted baby in a dark corner of the Clark Planetarium while Jason sang U2 songs to Kylie to try and distract her from motion sickness.  We'll get to that later, but for now we'll focus on the positives and all the fun we had up until that point.  We took a detour on our way up in the name of memories (surprised?) and drove by our first house in Saratoga Springs.  It's amazing how much that area has grown, yet our cute little house looked just the same as it did when we drove away for the last time 8 1/2 years ago. 

I got some deal from travelzoo that lets us get into museums all over the nation, so why not add a museum, or two, or three to our day?  First stop the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point.  I wish I didn't have to take on the role of the nag and rush everyone through all the exhibits, we could have spent so much more time there. 

We started our Temple Square experience with the Beehive house.  A childhood favorite, mostly because of the old fashioned candy they gave out at the end.  Wouldn't you know, they up and stopped that tradition.  Kylie and Jayden seemed to enjoy it, Maddox's face in some of the pictures show his thoughts on the whole matter.

Temple Square is beautiful.  We could have enjoyed it more if it wasn't 100 degrees outside, not sure what was up with that, Utah. But we still managed to take every obligatory temple square tourist picture and the Farr's ice-cream at the end made us sing hallelujah.

Then we went to the Children's Museum.  Maddox began to unravel, Kylie declared she was much too old for such childish places, but after a little bit the AC helped clear everyone's minds and they ended up having fun after all.

The HoHo Gourmet is a Salt Lake icon, okay maybe only to the Young family, but finding good Chinese food is hard to do in one of the whitest states west of Oklahoma.  We used to come here all the time, it's such a hole in the wall where you best be using a straw, avoid the restrooms at all costs and never look in the kitchen if you know what's good for you, but it's always packed with every seat taken.  Ho-you did not dissapoint.  (That sentence sounds all kinds of wrong.) 

We should have quit while we were ahead but I didn't want to leave without going to the Clark Planetarium.  I used to love the Hansen Planetarium and thought my kids would love it too.  They did a light show in the dome to the songs of U2.  It was like the soundtrack to our entire dating and newlywed years so Jason and I enjoyed it, the kids not so much.  All the moving lights made Kylie so motion sick and Ryder was running on an hour nap the entire day, so it was sort of a disaster. This is the only shot I got of the light show and even though it's not that great I got busted for taking it, so there, I'm putting it on the blog.  And that's the end of that, over and out.



Chelsea said...

dang I missed out on a good travel zoo deal! I want to copy and paste your whole trip for when we eventually take our kids to SLC...and lol at the breaking point of the day. You crack me up.

Janessa said...

Man, you packed it in! I can't belive you didn't hit breaking point until 9pm. That's amazing! We would have been done by noon. You guys are troopers. Sounds like a fun day!