Sunday, June 03, 2012

I have a serious crush on summer

Sprinklers, swimming, popsicles, fresh garden tomatoes, freckles, play dates, late nights, summer reading programs, Harkins summer movies, sleeping in, morning chores, crafts, camping, morning cartoons, vacations, cousins, lake trips, tan lines, fresh fruit, nightly movies and rootbeer floats, what's not to love?  Well, my most favorite thing of all this summer is watching my kids rediscover their friendship.  I feel like Kylie and Jayden sort of drifted apart this past year and it has made me more happy than you'll ever know to see them laughing, joking, hugging and playing so so so good together.  Granted, it is only the first few days of summer but we're off to an awesome start. They have become inseperable, and they're great to include Maddox too who is over the moon about having them home to play with all day.  Jayden will climb in bed with Kylie in the mornings and chit chat, they made "gift cards" for each other for a free "nice" if the other person is being mean, they disappear upstairs into their own little world, they have sleepovers each night, they have to sit together wherever they are and they help each other with their chores.  I seriously don't know what happened, but I seriously am the happiest mom ever.  I feel like last summer I was in the twilight zone trying to adjust to a new baby, lack of sleep and being stuck at home all summer long and maybe that's why I'm appreciating everything even more.  I got a little emotional today thinking about how much I love this stage of life and about how often I take it for granted.  I'm coming off one the best weeks we've had in a long time so it's easy for me to say that now.  With middle school right around the corner I'm trying to take advantage of the time I have with all my kids in my protective little bubble where they get excited about making chalkboard clipboards  and think that soap clouds are the coolest thing ever. I need a good healthy dose of centimentality every once in a while, so thank you for bearing with me. I think I've taken more pictures this past week than I did the entire last month, but everywhere I look I see summer and I want to remember every detail down to the very last freckle.


Janessa said...

Awe, that post made me happy. What a wonderful time of life for sure! I'm glad you're summer is off to such an awesome start. You have some amazing kids. They have an amazing mom. What wonderful memories all of you will cherish forever. I can't believe that we'll be there playing with you so soon!!! I sure do love you guys!!!

Jodee said...

I NEED to move to Arizona! This post just sold me. Pools, sprinklers, ice cream trucks, flip flops, and AC indoors ;)
What fun you guys are having. I can't wait to get all caught up!

Chelsea said...

your pictures are amazing! and amen, summer is off to such a good start! Love that first picture so much! and we will def have to make some soap clouds.