Thursday, June 21, 2012

An epic birthday

We celebrated Jessica's birthday up in the mountains, but that night we knew she needed a sisters night out.  It was epic.  Ice-cream and Wal-mart aren't that exciting, unless it's at midnight with 6 girls and you end up taking home a free kitten.  It was a birthday miracle for Jessica and a night I'll remember for a loooong time.  Man, how I miss these girls.

The birth parents. He doesn't look too thrilled that he just spent $20 on cat formula for a kitten that they were just going to give away.


Janessa said...

"The birth parents" Ha, ha, ha!!! I love it! That was such a fun night! I love my sisters (SIL included)!!!

Chelsea said...

ha! Ya, he doesn't look thrilled but maybe its the picture he's not a fan your mom is cool with the new addition? hilarious.