Thursday, June 21, 2012

Random Jolley musings

I told Todd I wouldn't say that he got beat by a ten year old girl, but you know, the pictures speak for themselves.  I love that Kylie can be so girly yet hang with the boys too.

Ryder was in love with Papa.  No surprise, since he is a pretty incredible grandpa.  I love that Ryder doesn't have any real stranger anxiety and it's funny how he totally prefers men over women.  He would choose any grandpa or uncle over me even, it was kinda funny and stroked a few egos.

The positivity bathroom, as coined by Dylan since as you walk by all you can hear is "you look so pretty", "oh you have such cute hair", "I just love that outfit", "your make-up looks great"...and blah, blah, blah.  Us Jolley's are knows for our positive state of cheeziness.

The view from their back deck is breathtaking.  I loved sitting out there for evening chats.

Dawn got the cool aunt award for volunteering to take them to Maverick when no one else would, so that they could spend their $3.75 that they earned from giving backrubs.

 My grandma and grandpa Anderson were able to come down for the day, I'm so glad my kids were able to see both sets of great grandparents on this trip and I was so glad I had a chance to see them too, it's been about 4 years since the last time I saw them.

4 generation photo:

Tyler got the cool Uncle award for helping Jayden make a commercial grade bow and arrow.  It all started with a piece of flint (or a scrap of leftover granite from the countertops-that is still up for debate) that Jayden found and wanted to make a small fortune from.  Tyler convinced him a bow and arrow would be way cooler than mounds of gold, and the thing about uncles is that they're always right.

they also had help making chicken coops and forts and I'm not sure what else the heaps of rocks, lumber and tarp were, but whatever it was it kept them entertained for days.  Oh I just loved seeing these kids play all day and all night together, such fun memories for them to have.


Janessa said...

Again, perfect post capturing all the fun! It all just went by too quickly and doesn't happen often enough. I'll just savor those memories until we do it again!

Chelsea said...

hey I need one of those mirrors! and holy cow, impressive Kylie! I'm off to go try a countertop plank myself...