Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lucky thirteen

I consider myself lucky indeed.  I was so young and naive when I got married and even though it seems like the older me should be telling the younger me to wait a few years before getting married, I am so grateful that the younger me chose to follow my heart because Jason has turned out to be such an amazing man. Even though I didn't get to see him on our anniversary because he was still in San Diego, the next night that we spent up on the mountain eating ice cream and talking under the stars was the perfect way to celebrate the most meaningful and fulfilling years of my life. I love your guts, crazy boy, thanks for making my life beautiful.  (and a huge thanks to my sister, Janessa for taking these great pictures--I love your guts too! :)


Janessa said...

Love the pictures! You two are such a fun, generous, beautiful and happy couple. I love you two so much and am so glad you found each other. As we were visiting you, I was constantly amazed at what a wonderful life you have with each other. Happy anniversary to one of my favorite couples!!!

Chelsea said...

so pretty! Love these! who took? Congrats on 13! You two are the greatest.

Michelle Y. said...

Such amazing pictures! I love all of the pictures on your blog you are such a great photographer! Love the trips down memory lane.