Friday, June 22, 2012

Better than Disneyland

The last time we came to visit Aunt Angel in Enterprise, Maddox was confused.  He thought we were going to heaven to see real angels.  When we got there I thought he would be disappointed, but instead he discovered that Angel is a real angel and Enterprise is heaven on earth.  A heaven filled with Costco sized bags of candy, a presonal petting zoo, hot dog roasts for dinner and midnight movie parties.  A place where swimsuits and pj's are appropriate daily attire, make-up can be worn at any age, ten year olds get a license to drive quads and bedtimes are optional.  Add in 2 AM card parties and it's pretty much like a Disneyland for adults too.  Oh the memories that little plot of farmland has held over the years...every kid deserves an Aunt Angel.

the lactating water balloons

My grandparents built on an addition to Angel's house and they are such a trip.  My grandpa is the strong silent type with a soft heart.  He doesn't say much, but what he does say is worth listening to.  What he lacks in conversation, my grandma makes up for ten fold.  She is the funniest and most outgoing grandma you'll ever meet.  I just love these two and can't imagine a world where they don't exist.


Janessa said...

Can I just copy this post? I'm feeling very overwhelmed with all the blogging I need to get done before we leave on Monday and you so perfectly captured our Enterprise trip. Loved every minute of it!!!

Chelsea said...

love love love...oh where oh where is my aunt angel? once again, I love the memories you are making!