Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Three weeks

Besides the occasional crossed eyes, Ryder is still as cute as ever.  Those cheeks are starting to fill out and the newborn sleepers are starting to get a little snug.  He still sleeps pretty good, going 3-5 hours, so up about twice at night.  During the day he's awake more which can be fun when he's sweet and happy and not so fun when he's screaming all while Maddox pees his pants, the phone is ringing and the kids are fighting.  We've been on our own for a few days now and even with Jason traveling this week it hasn't been too bad.  I credit it all to my amazing friends and to Kylie, my second little mother. I could never move because I know I will never find friends like the ones I have here.  They have spoiled me with so much food, and not just dinner but breakfast and lunch too, I may have to reconsider having another baby for the food perks alone. I think he will be a month old before I have to start cooking again and Jason is afraid that I've forgotten how to cook. They've also taken my kids and even came and watched the Bachelorette with me so I wouldn't have to be alone. So lucky to have these girls in my life.  And then there's Kylie...she has grown up over night and is such a HUGE help.  Like a real help, not just pretend.  She has a way with Ryder and can calm him down better than I can.  She is so quick to jump up and offer help when I need it and never complains if I ask her to do something.  The other day she was holding a crying Ryder while helping Maddox get his pj's on and I began to worry that maybe I was taking advantage of her, but man is it nice having the extra hands. I just hope the novelty doesn't wear off. Jayden and Maddox are so cute with him too.  Jayden likes to hold him, but only for one minute increments. Once when he was holding him he was scratching his nose and I told him not to scratch while holding the baby so it doesn't give him germs.  So now whenever he asks to hold him he has to get all his scratches out first and frantically scratches every part of his body.  Everytime he sees him he always gets right up in his face and says, "you're so chubby and cute, you're so chubby and cute.." repeated about 29 times.  I'm glad he bonds with him in his own little way.  Maddox is super cute with him and so not jealous.  Besides trying to touch his eyeball just for fun, he loves his "wittle guy" or "wittle buddy".  He always asks to "pet him" and hold him and says things like "I so lub him" and "he so coot".  He is constantly nuzzling him with his head and told him he will protect him from any ghosts. He tried making him a bottle the other day when he was crying and wasted about $10 of formula, but how can I get mad when he's just trying to help? Ryder is lucky to have brothers and a sister who love him so much, and for my sanity sake I'm lucky too.  He smiles every once in awhile, not on purpose just reflexes I guess.  I love this adorably goofy smile, it cracks me up everytime I see this picture.

His "belly cord" finally fell off after 2 weeks and 5 days. It was pretty nasty, I'm glad it's gone.  It was nice to finally give him a real bath before he outgrew the sink.  Sponge baths just don't give the same newborn scent. Kylie loved being a part of his first bath experience and Maddox thought it was so funny that his private part looked like it was floating like a boat.  Ryder liked it fine enough, I just need to find time to bathe him more than once every 3 days. Oh this little man melts my heart more than I can say.

(I'm not sure what it is about Jason and I unknowingly flipping off the camera...)


Janessa said...

Melt. My. Heart. Oh my hands are aching to hold that boy and my lips are quivering to kiss those cheeks. The pictures are so adorable. Just what a lonely aunt was needing. I love the big smile! How lucky that you caught it on camera. I love the way your kids are so in love with him - each in their own way. Score on the big helper! Abby isn't nearly so eager to help. Kambry is actually more helpful then Abby usually. I love Jayden's scratching everything routine before he holds the baby. So cute! I'm so glad you have such great friends that are spoiling you rotten especially with Jason out of town. I wish I was there to help out too. Thanks ladies for taking care of my sister! Love ya tons Jame!!!

Jodee said...

Ha ha! I love that you told Jayden that scratching will spread germs to the baby. Sounds like something I would say. He is so sweet Jamie. And I agree, breakfast, lunch and dinner? You need to have another one asap!

Chelsea said...

this one is a keeper too, such cute pics! love that one of him smiling!