Monday, July 04, 2011

The pout

He has got the pout perfected. Arms crossed, eyes squinted and those perfectly plumped lips sticking a mile out. This is what I see everytime he doesn't get his way, and you would think by now he would realize it doesn't produce the desired effect since I can't help but laugh everytime I see it.  Oh the life of a two year old....he has his favorite plaid shorts that he wants to wear every day.  If I don't put them on him he'll dig them out of the dirty clothes and put them on when he should be taking his nap.  He loves those darn "square shorts" because his "best friend daddy got them at the pants store". He is obessesed with locking doors.  He can't go to bed unless his bedroom door is locked (this does not make his roomie Jayden very happy) and the second anyone goes outside he immediately locks it.  He says it's to keep the flies out but I know he just likes to ruffle people's feathers.  If he's in time out he yells for Kylie and Gigi to "get me outta here!!" If he's going to the bathroom he orders me to leave "incase it gets too stinky in here".  His favorite songs are "Firework" and "Single ladies".  His best friend is Ava Hererra.  He is too cute for his own good.


Janessa said...

Too cute for his own good is right. I just love that boy so much! I am totally cracking up at all the cute things he says. Thanks for sharing them since I don't get to see him in all of his cuteness glory in person. Give those big pouty lips a big kiss for me!

Jodee said...

awe, I love that he yells for his brother and sister to come rescue him. he is adorable! I love 2 year olds.

Chelsea said...

LOL! "get me outta here!" oh, he is such a gem. And he's so squishy and I love his attitude and his pouty face! Why he reminds me of someone I know.... ;)