Wednesday, July 06, 2011

4th of July weekend

Once upon a time I had it all together.  Once upon a time I had a clean house, homemade meals every night, chore charts and schedules, and a whole calendar of crafts and events to keep my kids entertained.  Those days are long gone and I keep wondering when my life will get back to normal. I am just now realizing this is my new normal.  Cleaning toilets with a baby strapped to my chest; getting a medical exam by a 2 year old with a Fisher Price doctor's kit while putting on make-up and holding a crying baby; the second I try to sit down someone is bound to call my name; having the saleslady tell me that watching me makes her scared to have kids; trying to decide what is more important, sleep or enjoying a quiet house for the first time all day...ya know, the usual stuff.  I have my moments where I'm on the brink of insanity but I also have my moments where I wouldn't trade it for the world.  It's been good for me to take a break from life and be a hermit for the past month, but the time has come to venture out into the real world and it was nice. We definately made up for lost time in the sun with a busy weekend.  First off, a trip to the lake with friends for Ryder's first boat trip. He loved it.  It was also a monumental trip since Kylie learned how to wakeboard.  She did awesome, looked adorable and made Jason really proud.

Up next, a fun little staycation with friends. I'm so bummed that we aren't taking any vacations this summer, I always look forward to celebrating the 4th of July in Utah.  We decided to book the Hilton Squaw Peak resort and it was the perfect getaway.  Two other families came too and the kids had a blast spending all day at the pool with their friends while I spent most of the time in the hotel room watching Teen Mom with Ryder. I'm just glad the kids got a chance to get out, I feel like they are totally getting the shaft this summer.  A certain someone just happened to be there at the same time.  Kylie's little crush (the boy that gave her the valentines gift).  It was so funny to watch her, she was so emberassed and so flattered that he followed her and her friends around the whole time.

Jason thought it was creepy to bring a camera to the pool. I disagreed, but as I sat lurking in the shadows with my zoom lens scanning the swimsuit clad crowd, I did feel a little odd.  So I got one shot and one shot alone of the pool scene, so enjoy.

I love this picture.  Not only because it is the cutest picture ever, but because right after I snapped it Ryder totally tried latching on to Jayden.  Let's just say he was totally disgusted. I think Maddox would have been thrilled with the prospect of nursing his brother.  He thinks drinking a glass of milk will make him lactate and he's always asking if he can have a turn letting Ryder "eat" him.

I have yet to meet a kid that can pull off the goggles look.

The kids were so excited for the 18 hole mini golf.  After hole 4 they were drenched in sweat and the dads were bribing the kids to quit.

For the grand finale of the weekend we went to the Hererra's for a barbeque and fireworks.  Arizona's forcast is sunny and hot 355 days a year, too bad the 4th of July had to be one of those not so sunny days.  It was so windy as the sun went down and the monsoons rolled in.  The kids still had fun with the fireworks, we just had a few close calls as the kids ran away screaming when the wind started blowing the fireworks in their direction.   

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who can't calm Ryder down.  He has been so fussy recently and when I'm failing the kids will come up and "show me how to do it" and most of the time they succeed.  This time Melissa had the magic touch and got him to sleep even with the fireworks going off.  What a great friend (especially since she covered up his teeny tiny ears with her thumbs), and just maybe one day he'll like me.  Happy first 4th of July, Ryder and happy birthday to the greatest country on earth!


Janessa said...

I can't belive Kylie can wakeboard now! All the guys are going to think she's the coolest girl ever with her snowboarding and wakeboarding skills. LOVE the goggles picture of Maddox. He makes them look cute - in a "special" way. That little Ryder is so stinkin cute! I love his little hat. Where did you get it? I need to get one for Cannon before we go to Florida. I'm totally cracking up over the lactatig stories. Jayden being totally grossed out by it and Maddox wanting to nurse Ryder. So funny! Glad you had a fun 4th and that everyone was safe during the fireworks. Too bad the weather wasn't better. Love you!

Jodee said...

OK, I am SO impressed! Out with friends away from home and in a swimming suit! You are awesome!
That picture, "just before the latch" is making me laugh so hard. I keep reading that paragraph over and over and it's still funny.
I totally feel you with the baby not liking you. Madison and Beckham both did that to me and it was hard. But it really didn't last long at all. Soon he will be a mommas boy again!

Chelsea said...

oh you are so funny, loved your creepy camera zoom pool story the very most. Your sparklers pics are awesome. I love staycations too, you all look so cute holding your babies together, glad i wasn't there to mess that up ;)

Suni said...

Jamie you rock to do all that with a brand new baby!! Seriously! I wouldn't even considered it! What a fun staycation, love those!