Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stuff that made me happy this week

Watching these boys play legos instead of running through the house chasing each other and screaming. Jayden sitting in his towel (and sometimes stark naked) for 2 hours while he played legos. 
This boy skinny dipping while I cleared out the patio furniture so the monsoons wouldn't blow them in the pool like it did during the last national headline making dust storm.

These two best friends playing Barbies all afternoon.

This girl becoming such a huge help while we canned pasta sauce for 6 hours. And she liked it. And she can't wait to do peaches next.

This boy wearing his "acorn" to smash tomatoes.

Surviving another canning day. Don't know what I was thinking.

and among other things...

Girl's day out with Kylie to see "Monte Carlo", shop and go to lunch.
Jayden being grateful that no one in our family was born with their heads stuck together.
Harkin's popcorn t-shirt and cups at the summer movies.
2 pairs of cute wedge's on clearance.
Chocolate milkshakes at In-n-out.
Kylie and Jayden renewing their love for Webkinz and finding something in common to play together.
Losing 2 pounds.
Jason waking up early every morning with Maddox so I can sleep in.
Family movie night with homemade pizza and caramel popcorn.
Maddox thinking Jesus' picture is on the quarter and his dad's is on the penny.
Finding a whole stash of Chuck E Cheese tokens.
Jason. For just being Jason.
Cashing in the summer reading program freebies at Bounce U and Chipotle.
Great sales at Old Navy and finishing all the school shopping.
Ryder sleeping for 7 hours.



Janessa said...

Thanks for giving me something to smile about. Love your kids. Love that you are canning (?!?!?) and have such cute helpers. Love that Parker isn't the only kid that plays naked without realizing it. Love you. Love that you have so much to smile about.

Chelsea said...

that is a lovely happy list. Although I wish Kylie was a boy for selfish purposes, I'm glad you got a girl first! shopping and cooking together? I can only dream.

I have to say my favorite happy on the list is most definitely Maddox's "acorn." That kid is way too cute.

Jodee said...

this post made me happy too. Glad to see you are happy Jame, love you!

Jodee said...

ps, Jayden has some pretty impressive double jointed arms there- Yikes!

Janette said...

Jamie, you are amazing!!! Love ya!