Monday, June 06, 2011

Summer in full swing

The temperature's up, the backpacks have retired, the worn out school shoes can finally get chucked and homework is now a dirty word.  I love summer, but I won't lie, I am a little nervous to be cooped up with all 4 kids all summer long with no vacations planned and the only outings are to our back yard pool.  So far we've started out good with our annual neighbor end of year party (and going away party for one of our favorite neighbors, sad.) and the first day of summer was spent sleeping in (even Maddox, which is a very rare occurance), 5 hours of swimming and playing with friends, and an attempt at recreating last year's "ABC's of summer" (the kids are begging to do it again, I hope I have the energy) with a scavanger hunt and new snow cone machine as the prize.  Happy summer!


Janessa said...

How fun! Great pictures too! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful summer. Nice and slow. Hopefully you'll be able to get lots of rest while mom and then dad are there so that you'll be up to par for the rest of the summmer. You're awesome!!!

Tyson and Dawn Jolley said...

I love that Maddox's swimsuit tag is the only thing stopping everyone from seeing his butt's so cute! lol..

Jodee said...

You will be so glad to have that pool in the back this summer so the kids can get out of the house but you don't have to pack up the whole house for the baby to go out too! It will be such a special summer for you guys getting to know little Ryder. I am so excited to hear all about it!