Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pizza and Muffins

I was so excited about this week because I got to go spend time with Jayden at his preschool for an end of the year pizza party and then I also got to go to Kylie's school for Muffins with mom. It's so fun to see them get excited when I come to school. I love when they show me around and are so proud of all their work that's displayed, and it's especially just fun spending some one on one time with them. Jayden was hilarious when I got to his class and watched them during circle time. He kept turning around and giving me the hugest grin and once he got picked to help out with the song he was so giddy and funny, it was cute. He then proudly showed me their class garden before we headed to the party where we both ate our fair share of junk food and had fun talking with all his little preschool friends. Kylie's class has been working so hard to get ready for Muffins for Mom. They had so many cute little crafts and adorable songs that they sang before serving us our food. My favorite was this little fact sheet that she filled out about me:
What's your Mom's name? Jaime
What do you call her? Mommy
How old is she? 30
How tall is she? 5 tf 4 in (that really is how tall I am, weird)
How much does she weigh? 112
What color is her hair? blak
What's her favorite drink and snack? woter and chips
What does she cook? pees
What's her favorite TV show? the noos (the news)
What's her favorite thing to do with you? play Barbes
What does she like to do for fun? play with me
What does she do during the day? read
What's the one thing she says to you most often? I love you


Jodee said...

How fun to be able to share days with your kids at school. I still can't get over how grown up Jayden looks, he is getting so big. And Kylie is so adorable in her little uniform, sometimes I wish they had uniforms out here. They are just too darn cute on those little ones!
oh, and you better get off your butt and quit reading so you can come up with a few more meals to cook- peas? Come on Jame! ;)


Kylie is just entirely too cute! Seriously, I hope Courtney is just like her. I love to hear and read these cute things that she does for you. I'm glad you had such a great Mother's Day. If anyone deserves one day off a year, it is definitely you. You do so much for your family. It's good that they appreciate all you do!

Ricky and Janessa Cazier said...

What fun one on one time. It's so fun to have your kids be the host like that. The muffins for mom thing souds so cute. What a fun idea. You can never go wrong with a pizza party too. Fun, fun. I love the fact sheet. It's always fun to see what kids think about you. I was feeling so guilty about one of Abby's answers though. For the "What does she do for fun" question Abby put "do stuff on the computer". Oh the guilt! I am back to strictly eliminating my computer time during my children's waking hours so that next year she will put "play with me" like all the other good mother's children put. Way to be a good mom!!!

Kristin said...

What a great week you had! The list Kylee made is so sweet. What a fun Mothers Day. You are lucky to have such a great hubby and kids. You are a great momma.

Littles said...

Not sure if I told you yet but 1st, I LOVE your hair dark and 2nd I LOVE it long! I am so sad that Nicole and I spaced having you come over, that would have been fun to see you!