Thursday, May 22, 2008

New York

I have to admit that I was a little jealous when Jason found out that he was going to be going to New York for work. We went there 4 years ago for our anniversary and had such a great time and I've been dying to go back. But I was excited for Jason, especially since he had a chance to fulfill a childhood dream. He has been a huge Yankee's fan ever since he was a little kid and collecting baseball cards (Don Mattingly is his hero). He's always wanted to see a game at the Yankee's stadium, so we were pretty disappointed when there wasn't a home game on our last trip. We did get a chance to do a behind the scenes tour of the stadium which was cool to sit in the dug out, check out the locker room and things like that, but it wasn't the same as seeing a game there. So he was pretty stoked to find out that there was a game this past week while he was there. It was especially cool since this is the last season that they will ever play at the original Yankee stadium since they are building a new one. So naturally he immediately hopped on Ebay in search of tickets for him and his co-worker. He thought he hit the jackpot when he scored tickets that were about 20 rows up for only $30 a piece. It wasn't until they got there that they realized that there was "an honest mistake" and they were actually up in the nosebleed section! After a nice little email to the seller he got his money back, but he was pretty disappointed to not get the great seats. He and his friend were naughty and moved down closer during half time, so I guess it ended up okay. He was only there for a couple of days but packed in a lot between meetings and work. He had a great time and I'm hoping I can join him next time!

World Trade Center site (he said that it hadn't changed since we were there 4 years ago which was surprising)

Brooklyn Bridge
the nosebleeds
much better view


Ricky and Janessa Cazier said...

What a fun trip! That's so cool that he finally got to see the Yankee's play in the original Yankee stadium. Of course you can count on Jay to find a good deal on tickets. Too bad it didn't end up being such a good deal after all. Glad he ended with a good view after half time:) You'll have to drop your kids off in Iowa (or where ever we are living) next time Jason "has" to go to NY or any other cool place. I'm still just keeping my fingers crossed that we end up in Arizona and we could do kid swaps whenever!

Russ and Sheba Price said...

I didn't know baseball had "half time" Jamie? Tooo funny! Okay I love the Yankees being a native New Yorker myself and I did get to see them a couple of years ago. Tell Jay that I sat right by third base where Derek Jeter played. Yea I got to look at that all 10 innings, (they went over). I am just hasseling Jayson. Anyway, I am jelous he got to go! It looked like he had a lot of fun! I might go in October! Can't wait!

Chelsea said...

good for him! I would have moved down too! Sheba, I would have never noticed the "half time" thing..making us look bad!

Jodee said...
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Jodee said...

Sorry, that was me, I neglected to look at the pictures closely and thought the street was the wtc site, so confused! Anyway, I too am jelous of Jasons trip, I really miss that place! Hey, that should be the next site of our girls weekend, what do you think? Oh man, I am already planning this one in my head!
Anyway, Jason, glad you got to go to a Yankee game, even if it was nosebleed seats I am sure it was still amazing!

Michelle Yost said...

I would have never noticed the half time thing eaither and my dad was a high school baceball coach for 30 years. Ha! My parents went to NY last year and they said it was one of their favorite places to visit. I really hope to go there someday.