Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The final outing

I thought I could handle him going to kindergarten, but as it gets closer I'm not so sure. I'm going to miss him singing "Justice Beaver" from the backseat, his chubby hand in mine as we cross parking lots, his 4 year old opinion on what door mat and scented lotion I should buy, his body flopped across my lap so I can tickle his back while we watch Curious George. I'm really going to miss this boy and our adventures together. It's so hard closing the door on this chapter of my life, having babies at home is all I've known for the past 14 years. I know there's so many wonderful things in store for us both as this new chapter begins, but I just need some time to mourn. I wanted to do something special with just the two of us before the kids got out of school, so we spent the afternoon picking peaches at the farm. Dusty flip flops, juice dripping down his elbows, sweat beading at his temples, sunlight filtering through the leaves as he carefully examined each one, inspecting for size, color and firmness. He took his job very seriously. We chit chatted as we walked and picked, pausing to sample the juciest ones. He thought I was thirsty and brought me a paper cup of water while I waited in line to pay. I snuggled him on my lap on the hay ride back, letting my lips linger a little longer on his flushed cheeks. I'm really going to miss him. Like a lot.

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