Thursday, June 23, 2016

Chill out

I always forget how brutal summer can be here. Summer is like child birth, you forget how painful it was and only remember the beautiful parts until it's time for it to happen again.  As the mercury rises to 100, I'm all like, it's not that bad. It's a dry heat. But once it starts creeping past 105 we're in the literal depths of misery and endless wo. I mean, Summer, I still love ya, but don't you think 120 degrees was just a little ridiculous? The only relief is water, so we tend to live in our swimsuits all summer. And our pajamas. Let's be honest, Sunday is the only day I put on a bra. Which as an added bonus makes laundry day a cinch. The kids like to use the underwater camera while we're swimming. Which means we end up with about 75 pictures of navals. But today Maddox was swimming underwater and told me I had to get the camera because there was the prettiest sun rays coming through the water. And he was right. I love that he notices beautiful things and I love that he knows I will appreciate it too. It was magical, our backyard pool was briefly turned into a mermaid, er merman, lagoon. 

Dad's swimming lessons are sure paying off, this little guy has officially earned his fish status. He swims all over the pool now. It's so fun to watch his confidence grow and see him beam with pride. It also puts me at ease knowing he can swim. Having babies around the pool gave Jason and I both anxiety. It's still so strange to me as we reach all of the "last" milestones with this one.

Now that the kids are older and capable swimmers, we decided to get season passes to Big Surf. We try to make it out there once a week and it has been the perfect way to get out of the house, turn off the tv, cool off and get utterly exhausted. Ryder even surprised me by going on all of the big slides that he was tall enough for. I'm learning that having the kids grow up opens the door to so many things we could never do before. It's kinda fun. 

I love the high five Jayden had waiting for Maddox when he came down this slide for the first time. It's a straight drop and even though he was nervous at first, Maddox faced his fears and loved it.

I love it. We go hard all day, pausing only to eat lunch out of the cooler on the small shaded grass island in the parking lot. They even each get their own can of soda, and that's a pretty big deal. These are the days I hope they always remember. I know I will.

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