Monday, June 27, 2016


I've said it before, but this age is my favorite. I love 4-5 year olds, they're independent but their world still revolves around mom. They have the best imaginations and say the funniest things. And I just want to kiss that munchkin face and pinch those tiny buns all day long. This birthday is a sad one for me because it signifies that he really is growing up, but there is also so much to celebrate. He's been counting down to his birthday for the last 364 days, and could hardly contain his excitement. He was up at 6 am and couldn't wait a second longer to open his presents and eat his birthday donuts. But first he had to look in the mirror and exclaimed in disbelief, "I still look four-ish, not five-ish!".

The only thing he wanted for his birthday was a spark scooter. And legos, and hot wheels and nerf guns, and everything he's ever seen on the Hobby Kids TV Youtube channel. He spent the morning playing with his presents before his little party.

It was a total low key party thrown together a few days before when he wouldn't stop talking about having a party. We invited a few friends over for swimming and pizza. And a store bought cake. Because for a five year old, fluorescent air brushed buttercream frosted themed cakes is everything in life. This Finding Dory cake complete with a novelty bath toy hit the mark. I love these cute little boys, it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

He requested a daddy date to McDonald's for dinner then we partied into the night with glow sticks in the pool and a movie party.  Five years old is a pretty great age to be. There's so much I love about this boy, I love that he lays in my bed watching the ipad every morning while I get ready in the bathroom and always comments that I look "beau-ful" when I come out. I love that he is so observant of me and notices if anything is out of the norm, like if I don't put mascara on, or like I always pull the front of my hair back in a bobby pin every night and if I don't he gets very concerned that I need my "night time hair". I love that every cat he sees he laughs about it being "naughty Nardo", a cat we found at a park that seemed tame but turned naughty. I love that he calls Jesus "Cheesus". I love that he wants to eat lunch at 10:00 every morning. It was PB&J, then just peanut butter, then nutella and now just jelly. I love that he gets a complex about using a car seat. He doesn't want his friends to know that he uses one, even though they all do to. I don't really love that he gets too embarrassed to let me kiss him in front of people, but I do love that he'll let me sneak in a kiss when no one is looking. I love that FHE is the highlight of his week. Mostly because he gets a tootsie pop for doing an act of service. But anytime during the week that I put a skirt or casual dress on his first reaction is, "is it church day today??". I love that he sits on my lap and lets me tickle his back during church. I love that he still climbs into bed with me every morning. I don't love that every time he is mad at me he tells me "I like Dad better", but I do love that he adores his daddy. Yes, I love everything about this boy, he completely rocks my world. Happy birthday, little man.

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