Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Better late than never

From what I recall, the middle school years were kind to no one. Awkward years filled with unfortunate choices in perms and blue mascara. I'm convinced that girls these days will never experience that look of disgust and disbelief when looking back on old pictures. Maybe they can thank pinterest, youtube and social media for that, but whatever the reason I am amazed at the beautiful confidence that each of these girls radiates and I'm so grateful that Kylie is surrounded by such a wonderful group of girls. It makes it seem a little less scary sending her off to high school knowing she has great friends that share her same standards. Every weekend has been busy since Kylie's birthday way back on May 2, so we are FINALLY getting around to celebrating with some of her friends at the lake and it really was such a fun day, rounded off with pizza, cupcakes and Circle K slushees all around. And awards for the best faces and epic wrecks on the tube. Love these girls.

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Ali said...

They do look so lovely, and so un-awkward. And hey, didn't it take us until our mid-20s to look almost as mature and dignified as they already look? What's happening here?! On one hand these kids look so sophisticated and poised - and like they will never look back at their school photos with the same embarrassment as we look back at ours - and on the other hand, we have politicians around the world in their 60's and 70's acting like spoilt and rude kindergarten kids who haven't yet learnt to share? …. Do we have some sort of intergalactic, generation maturity switching going on out there? (Said with a smile for what you have going on in your family, so lovely - and a heavy heart for what's happening in big politics.)