Monday, June 06, 2016

8th Grade Formal

All that stuff about Kylie growing up so much this year, this right is exactly what I'm talking about. Just look at her...she is a vision of beauty heading off to the 8th grade formal dance. So grateful for the wonderful friends she has, she's made so many great new friends this year and has strengthened other friendships that she's had for years. These girls right here have been friends since kindergarten and it has been fun to see the amazing young women they have become. You know you're best friends when you all show up wearing almost the same dress, they couldn't have planned it any better! She had a blast at the dance and then her friends all piled into a big party bus complete with neon lights, balloons and bumpin music that took them to In-n-Out. It made me wish I were 14 again!

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