Monday, November 19, 2012

The evolution of a fight

I love that these little buddies have found something in common and I love that their little past time has reignited Jayden's love for legos after swearing them off last year.  So after a weekend of constant lego dialogue and an on-going galactic battle, I wanted to take a picture.  Jayden was willing to oblige but needed to set the stage first:

and then Maddox looks over and discovers his ladder has been moved

which of course means weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth

'til mom steps in and doubles as a refree and undercover camera operator.  Of course Jayden wasn't too keen on the idea of moving the ladder back. And I may or may not have tried immitating Maddox's face in the bathroom mirror.

so Maddox takes matters into his own hands

then out comes the claws. Literally. Jayden looks like a lion ready to pounce.

no point trying to explain why the ladder makes more sense in the back, that's the face of someone who doesn't give a flip.

and now all of the sudden it's mom's fault.  It always is.

then mom decides to stop exploiting her kids for her pure enjoyment and try to make peace. The solution was putting the ladder in the front for the picture then moving it into the back afterwards.  And once again there was peace in the land.  And Kylie did a stand-up job not even flinching in the background while Armageddon was under way.

Then back to being best buds again.  It's a shame you can't even see the ladder in the picture.  I would say it was all for naught, except for the fact that this sequence of pictures makes me laugh so hard I snort.


Chelsea said...

This is good, really good. I laughed most the way through! And M's crying face looks like something out of a cartoon...I can see it now, help me, is it Linus?

Janette said...

Too funny!!!!!

Janessa said...

Ha, ha, ha! Snorting for sure! I love that you stood there and took pictures the whole time. And Kylie in the background, totally unphased cracks me up! Awesome!!!

Kristal said...

I'm so jealous of the last caption. Mine don't' go back to being best buds. It's my older two and today was extremely worse than fact, I got called, well, yelled, "You're a freak of nature"...right before one of them ran away for a good 15 minutes, which was probably for the best....but they don't ever go back to being best buds. My boys all get along...and my little boys get along with Kam, but Kam and Jaden...AHHH!!!! And I love that it ended up being mom's fault. Isn't that the truth..everytime! Even if I stay out of it. Punks! I'm raising little punks!!!!