Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I cleaned out my closet and found that Kylie could fit into some of my old clothes and I think it will be fun having a shared closet one of these days.  Although I say that now, but I might change my mind when all my favorite shirts turn up missing.  She seems to be growing up more and more each day, for fun she hides out in the guest bedroom with her dad making prank calls. I'm still not sure who has more fun with that one.

Jayden needed some one on one time and I was happy to oblige.  He knows how to lay it on thick and I fall hard for his sweet talk.  Holding my hand, opening my door, telling me I'm beautiful and that he will protect me with nunchucks if anyone ever tries to hurt me.  Oh that boy is going to make some lucky girl really happy some day.  For now, I'm glad that I get to be that lucky girl.

I'm worried Maddox is going to love his hamster to death and we'll have an "Of Mice and Men" situation on our hands. He was already partially paralyzed for a day, following a tragic wall throwing incident. He carries him everywhere and keeps him in a mac 'n cheese box next to his dinner plate while he eats.  By the end of the day the poor thing has matted and sweaty fur and I swear he's half the size of the other hamster who just sits all day alone in the cage hording all the food.  Poor thing, but atleast he is well loved. 

We were at the mall last week and I was surprised to already see Santa manning his post.  Maddox left him with a tall order for a tree house.  Ryder wanted nothing to do with him.

Speaking of Ryder, this kid is awesome. I think my new favorite is when he cusses me out in baby language.  He'll come up to me all mad and dropping jibberish bombs right and left. He also smothers any stuffed animal with kisses, loves making out with himself in the mirror, will squat down to kiss the hamster every chance he gets and attempts to kiss every dog he sees.  But me? No. I can count on one hand how many kisses I've gotten from him.  Little stinker, what's it going to take to get some of that juicy lip action? I'll slip you a few extra nuggets under the table.

But he will snuggle with me and read stories before bed and I eat up every minute of it.  We end with a rousing rendition of animal sounds and head shoulder knees and toes. The screaming phase did not do wonders for our relationship, but this, yeah this stuff is gold. Oh I want to kiss his face off.

Our good friends, the Chapmans, came down for a visit.  She's my bosom buddy. Literally. We met while nursing our babies in the mother's lounge ten years ago.  I love that no matter how many years have gone by we all just pick up right where we left off. 

Maddie was Kylie's first friend and they are still as cute as ever. I loved discovering motherhood for the first time with Jodee, so many great memories back in Harvest Hills.

For another blast from the past, we met up with some other college friends that we hadn't seen for years.  These boys went from shooting bottle rockets off of Helaman Halls to dentists, FBI agent and business manager.  Who knew? 

I've grown to love their wives too and our kids have grown to love each other as well.  What a legacy that has blossomed from Budge Hall :)  And now I'm heading off to Wal-mart tomorrow on the day before Thanksgiving which is pretty much suicide, either that or the shelves will be bare since everyone else was smart enough to go last week.  Either way, wish me luck.


Chelsea said...

So fun to share clothes with Kylie! Dang you can get away with buying a lot more that way ;) you know Kosty has only kissed me like twice in his life...I wonder if he even knows how to do it! At least Ryder can & does even if not for momma. Good stuff. And please just go to frys tomorrow!

Janessa said...

You're such a great mom to share your clothes with your daughter (and be that small yourself!!!), know when your son needs a date, let your child love on a rodent and to take time every night to read with your baby. You have some pretty lucky friends too. You are so good to keep in touch with so many of them. How fun to watch your kids all be friends now too. Lots of lucky people in your life. Oh, and your sister is pretty darn lucky too to have you for a sister:)

Jodee said...

Oh what fun we had...
If only we caould catch up more often. Im pretty sure seeing Kylie was the highlight of Madisons week. Even though she says she doesn't remember her--HA HA
Love you guys!