Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Identity crisis

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...I mean summer...I mean Christmas...I mean, shoot, isn't it a crime against Christmas to wear shorts while trimming the tree?  We did our part trying to deck the halls and bring some yule tide cheer to this 80+ degree weather.

We even got a head start on Christmas cards, and it's not even December.  Taking this Christmas by the horns, I tell you. I enlisted Maddox's help in the stamp department.  He works for cookies. And stickers.

and then the kids all wanted to sit on the roof and watch Jason put up the lights. Don't worry they were only allowed to move for this picture, the rest of the time they had to sit in one spot roasting in the sun and deciding that helping with the lights really wasn't that fun afterall.

And then we switched modes and went back to summer with a beautiful hike with Jessica and the Andersons.  Well, it wasn't necessarily a hike per say, more of a short stroll up to a hole in a rock. But a beautiful hole in a rock.

Then out for Pho, which was Pho-n. Get it? I stole that joke from Melinda. Kylie loved hanging out with Jessica and she was so sweet to let her hang out with her and her friends who met us there.  I had a moment there, seeing her sitting at the big kid table chatting it up with the college kids.

Keeping the kids entertained with chopsticks was a good idea. In theory.

We switched back to Christmas mode and ended the night with the temple lights.  It was a great way to invite to true spirit of Christmas and I loved coming home to our house all aglow, the only thing missing is chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Oh, and some snow would be nice.


Kristal said...

I need to come see your house. I do. Every little tiny glimpse I get, I fall in love. Um, and your kids are just lovely. Seriously beautiful kids!

Jodee said...

You are amazing! pictures, cards, tree, lights-- check, check, check! I'll be lucky to hang a single stocking this year!

Janessa said...

You are so on top of everything! Yeah, too bad about the summer weather. Way to make the most of it though. Love the tree! So many great pictures. Your kids are Adorable (with a capital A!). Hope it cools down enough to pull out some jackets at least:)

Jessica 洁玲 said...

this was such a fun trip for me! sorry i'm so late posting replies to these posts! time to play catch up!