Thursday, November 08, 2012

naptime and bedtime are the only time Ryder will sit still long enough to cuddle, I'll take what I can get * Full House marathons with Kylie * Ryder has become a booster seat snob and will only eat at the barstools with the big kids * soccer is so fun with a baby who steals balls and cones * I've got a thing for silhouettes * love the mail-in ballots so we can sit in our jammies all morning instead of waiting in long lines * everywhere I look I see red, must be subconsciously mourning the loss of Romney * Super NaNa
 monday cleaning day, blehhh! * lego exhibit at the AZ Science Center, two thumbs up * love driving by almost daily and seeing the temple progress * school carnivals are so nostalgic * LOVE these two besties * Maddox took one look at the mess and said "we shouldn't have this baby anymore" * Jr. diabetes walk and dance performance, such a great way to start a Saturday * and an even better way to end a Saturday
this boy and his plasma car know no boundaries * his fiercely cute big boy jeans and Vans, I just wish they didn't make him look so old * a typical day at Wal-mart preparing for the zombie apocalypse * Maddox preferred edamame over the Halloween lunch I so lovingly prepared * a last ride on the hills before they got leveled for construction * a beautiful night for soccer * Ryder leading the way through the corn maze * that face, seriously, that face * I don't dress up for Halloween, unless you count my well planned out orange and black outfit


Jodee said...

I am selfishly so very happy you have found a love for IG. Your pics make my day happier too ;)

Janessa said...

Ahh, I was needing some Jamie an those stinkin cute kiddos of yours in my day. Thanks for sharing! Great pics!

Michelle Y. said...

I love the comment, "We shouldn't have this baby anymore." So funny!

Kristal said...

I did black and orange clothes for Halloween too, but I do dress up for Halloween also. Last year was the first year in 33 years that I didn't, and it was depressing for me, so I vowed to dress up every Halloween until I'm dead! Ok, so you have a thing for silhouettes, and you're a fantastic should come over sometime and help me figure out this silhouettes book that my friend gave me this summer for my birthday. and YES, I love seeing the temple go up too. So does my 3 year old. It's his favorite part of everyday.